Since the dawn of ancient civilizations, dogs have been called to service for civil, military, and defense purposes. At present, law enforcement agencies and the military utilize canines in a variety of capacities including as: patrol partners; apprehension assistants; trackers/locators/scouts; alerts; relayers; substance detectors including drugs, explosives, accelerants (arson investigation) and other contraband; guards/deterrents; and more. These dogs, along with their trainers and handlers, continue to provide a wide range of services, in several disciplines and situations, in our society.

Around the world, Police, Fire and other civil K9s are called upon daily to protect and serve citizens. In war and peace times, from mine detection to locating wounded soldiers, the stories of service by Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and their handlers are impressive. Similarly, in government service around the world, Detector Dogs, are keeping us safer by locating explosives, narcotics, and other dangerous substances. To learn more about these "Hard Workin' Dogs", please visit the sites featured on this page.

Military Pets Foster Project @ NetPets.Org

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    One of the days spent working on this section was November 11th, 1998 --- Veteran's Day. Over the preceeding weeks, I had visited numerous sites related to Police Work, Military Service, and Law Enforcement while doing research for this section. Although I had, frequently, been humbled by the stories and people I read about, being caught up in the 'work' part of the journey, I had not really paused to reflect upon the depth of our indebtedness to these very special people . . . People, who are called upon daily to assist, protect, and serve us, yet, who rarely receive the recognition or respect they so rightfully deserve. Those who, in the past, gave so much of themselves to keep us safe and free. This section is dedicated to them all, as a small token of my esteem and sincere and heartfelt thanks.
    May God Bless and Protect them from harm.

    Just a few of the memorial sites to visit online include: The Officer Down Memorial Page; National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial (Washington DC); American Police Hall Of Fame & Museum; the Worldwide Roll of Honour maintained by Jim McNulty, a retired officer in Scotland. A large listing of Police Memorial Sites is made available at CopNet; the Veteran's Administration Memorial Day Page.

    If there is a memorial page you would like added to this section, please email me.

    Your purchase of the War Dogs, America's Forgotten Heroes" video, which first aired February 15, 1998 on the Discovery Channel, will help fund memorials at Arlington National Cemetery and Riverside National Cemetery in honor of the dogs and handlers who served in Vietnam.

    Reviewed in this section:
    Intros & FAQs
    Articles & Stories
    Police & Military K9 Insignia Home Page
    Police Dog Home Pages
    Hendersonville PD
    Beagle Brigade - USDA
    CIA Protective Service Canines
    US Customs K9 Enforcement Prgm
    Addt'l Dept, Clubs, Units & Assns
    Individual Dogs/Teams
    Photos, Tributes & Memorials
    eMail Lists, BBS, Webrings, etc.
    Event & Calendars

      Military Working Dogs Online

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  • US Customs Canine Enforcement Program FAQ;
  • USDA's Beagle Brigade;
  • Canine Forensics FAQ

  • HELP!: I looked for a good, comprehensive K9 FAQ and was not able to locate one. I would be more than willing to help compile the information and create one for posting here, IF, I could get assistance from experienced, K9 trainers and handlers. I'd like to incorporate all K9 related activities - i.e., protection, apprehension, detection, tracking, etc. (with the exception of rescue related work) If you are interested in helping compile this type of FAQ with me, please email me. Information and photos will be excepted most gratefully.

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  • UC Davis Study: The Role of Dogs in Police Work and as Companions @ the K9Tactics website;
  • Establishing a New K9 Department and Training Tips @ NAPWDA;
  • Life with a Former K9 by Joy Tiz, M.S., J.D.;
    Nutz's excellent adventure: Police dog's taste of freedom includes chasing off burglar, pilfering rib roast;
  • Watchdogs of the Treasury: Nero Dept of the Treasury, Learning Vault;
  • Index of K9 Articles @ Workingdog.Com;
  • Training Articles @ the USPCA

  • A Dog Named Point by Gordon Boswell III and Recon - The Dog Who Hitchhiked to the Wall by Cheryl Boswell. While these dogs were not 'technically' Military K9s, they did 'serve';
    A day in the life of a military working dog by Gulyo, 76th Security Forces Squadron military working dog, Air Force News 1999;
  • Stories, Articles & Remembrances that have appeared in "DOGMAN";
  • DYNAMUTT: Wet-nosed corps sniff out bombs at nation's airports by Tech. Sgt. Pat McKenna as published in AIRMAN 3/98;
  • Quartermaster Museum War Dog page compiled by volunteer K. Born;
  • Use of Military Working Dogs in Peace Support Operations by MAJ Mike Albertson, Military Analyst, CALL May/Jun 98;
  • Cracker & Bob Himrod, Vietnam Scout Dog Platoon, as told on PBS's NATURE episode "Extraordinary Dogs"

  • Scenting Articles Index @ Dr. P's;

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    Now at their own domain, the Police Dog Home Page (the website of Eden & Ney's K9 Academy For Law Enforcement) contains a wealth of information about the training and work of police K9 handlers and their canine partners. Resources include sections containing links to K9 Units, Teams, and Associations; Articles; Related Case Law information; and, "Valor" - a section of memorial tributes & recognition. This comprehensive and user-friendly site also features pointers to additional resources including books, videos, conferences, and publications.

    Sincere thanks to Bob Eden of the K9 Academy For Law Enforcement for use of the photographs.

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    Hendersonville Police Department (TN) The Hendersonville (TN) Police Department website is a wonderful representation of the hundreds of informational and educational law enforcement sites I've had the pleasure of visiting during my several weeks of PMDD K9 research. Besides a wealth of department, community, and criminal justice information including Facts about H.P.D., Photos, Mounted Police Unit, Divisions, Citizens' Police Academy, H.E.A.T., D.A.R.E., Explorers, Crime Stoppers, Missing Children, the HPD Memorial, HPD Officers' Pages, Hendersonville, WWW Friends of the HPD, HPD Veterans, what well may be, the largest index of Law Enforcement Links on the internet - - - this warm and visitor-friendly site includes a great Children's Section featuring the HPD's "Police Officers are My Friends" coloring book, nursery rhymes & music pages, holiday specials, Detective Denney, and links to great sites for kids. Inspired by the story of Katie, a courageous young girl battling cancer, the HPD's "Special" Children's Section is dedicated to children "..... courageous, dedicated, and determined to overcome a great obstacle in their life". Through this portal you can read their stories of courage, visit their websites, and send some kind thoughts their way.

    K9 specific site features include a page featuring their own K9 Officer Scott West and his partner, "Bo"; a memorial page dedicated to Aron, a Nashville Police K9 who was killed in the line of duty Thursday May 14, 1998 and a large selection of K9-specific Links.

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    At this USDA site learn how the Beagle Brigade, working with government inspectors, provide a "first line of defense" for the US against costly foreign animal and plant pests and diseases. For more information about activities of the USDA which may be of interest to dog enthusiasts and owners, please visit the comprehensive USDA website review at the DogInfomat.

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    Tom Newton's Hahn Air Force Bace website is a comprehensive pictoral and informational tour of the home base of the 50th Air Police K9 Section. The K9 History section is a great resource covering the entire history of K9s, including separate sections for each 20th century war and topic. There is also a Lackland AB section, memorials, tales, links, a bulletin board, newsletter, and more.

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    DOCThe US Custom's Canine Enforcement Program is a major part of the Service's narcotic interdiction effort. The Mission of the CP is to develop, execute, and oversee customer driven policy for the allocation, training, and support of canine resources. Currently, the program has 459 teams stationed at 64 ports of entry across the continental United States and in Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In 26 years, the CP has accounted for over 100,000 narcotic and dangerous drug seizures. In 1996, the program recorded over 8,700 narcotic seizures resulting in the confiscation of 253 tons of narcotics with a street value of over $3.7 billion. The program's website includes a FAQ; Training Program Course Description; Canine Team Evaluation Program; Canine Enforcement Program Statistics; Canine Recruitment; and the History of Customs Canine Program. You can also access photos and bios of several canine officers.

    Click on the card above to read more about "Doc", a Brittany Spaniel mix, with a distinguished career in narcotics detection. Written permission for use of the graphic received from the US Dept of Treasury, Customs Service.

    And, kids of all ages can meet the members of the
    CIA K9 Corp and learn more about the corp in the "Kids" section of the CIA website. Also see the FBI's Working Dog Website for Kids with K9 guides Darrell & Shirley. Information and activities are available by grade groupings and in the "For the Family" section. Click here to return to the Kid's Section of the DogInfomat.

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  • K-9, SAR, Mounted Police, & War Data - Lots of Galleries, Poems, Links, Memorial Pages, etc. Louise Krause
    Many police department K9 units depend upon the support of generous individuals and organizations. Please let them know how appreciative you are, for the invaluable services they provide, through your support.

    United States:
  • Abilene TX;
  • Akron OH;
  • Barstow FL;
  • California Narcotic Canine Association;
  • Canton OH;
  • Chattanooga TN;
  • Connecticut Police Work Dog Association
  • ;
  • Des Plaines IL;
  • Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime National Law Enforcement K9 Association;
  • Everett WA;
  • Fargo ND;
  • Gilbert AZ;
  • The Hendersonville TN PD Website includes what well might be the largest index of Law Enforcement Links on the internet. The links are segregated into numerous categories including a large selection of K9 links;
  • Hingham MA;
  • Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association;
  • Leawood, KS;
  • Los Angeles CA;
  • Central Michigan University;
  • National Police Canine Association;
  • NSW (AU) Dog Squad;
  • Niagara Falls NY;
  • NAPWDA - North American Police Work Dog Association;
  • Odessa TX;
  • Oregon Police Canine Association;
  • Orlando FL;
  • Oxnard CA;
  • Perry Township OH;
  • Plainfield IL;
  • Red Oak IA;
  • Richmond VA;
  • San Buno CA;
  • South Pasadena CA;
  • Spokane WA;
  • Stillwater OK;
  • Sunman IN;
  • United States Police Canine Association;
  • Virginia Beach VA;
  • Virginia Police Work Dogs Association;
  • Waldwick NJ and buy a t-shirt to support the program;
  • Washington State Police Canine Association;
  • Yonkers NY

  •   Texas K9 Police Association;

    Wisconsin: (my home state)
    I'd be remiss if I did not add a few links to our own Wisconsin-based K9 units including:

  • Black Creek's Officer Lowell James & Ino;
  • Columbia County's Sgt. Terry Seely and his partner, Ispi;
  • Dane County Sheriff Office's K9 Cards and Canine Unit 2002 Report;
  • Elm Grove Police Department K-9;
  • Fond du Lac's Police K9 Unit;
  • Grant County Sheriff's Dept. K9 Unit;
  • Green Bay;
  • Green County Sheriff's Department K9 Program;
  • Greenfield PD K9s;
  • Jefferson County K9 Unit Deputy Greg Jansen & Jahn;
  • Kenosha County Corrections K9s;
  • Madison PD's K9 Arno;
  • Marshfield PD's K9 Dora;
  • Mayville K9 Unit Officer Eric Fisher & Frankie;
  • Pleasant Prairie Officer Stephen McKinnon and K9 Astor;
  • Ripon Officer Hanke and K9 Dani;
  • River Falls Officer Reardon & K9 Hogan (retired 6/01), Shawano which is trying to raise funds to purchase a new k9 to replace Laas who is retired;
  • Sheboygan Police Department K9 Unit Officer Eric Edson and Duc;
  • Sun Prairie K9 Unit Officer Michael Timm & Gescha;
  • Waupun Officer Jean & K9 Jake;
  • Wood County Sheriff Department K9 Unit

  • Austrian Police K9 Section;
  • Edmonton CA;
  • Greater London, Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment;
  • NORDIC POLICE DOG ASSOCIATION - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden;
  • TPTHK: Trondheim Police Force, Norway;
  • RCMP Police Dog Services (Canada);
    Police K9 other Sites & Indexes:
  • K9Unit.Com - News, Events, Links, and more;
  • K9 Section @ CopLink.Com (not working 8/2003);
  • Links to both Police K9 Associations and Law Enforcement K9 Units online are available at the Police Dogs Home Page;
  • The Police Officer's Internet Directory Agencies and Associations Index;
  • Visit Officer Jim Fitch & K9 Sari and Officer Bill Barrett & K9 Enno of the Ross Township Police Canine Unit where you will find an extensive list of K9 links;
  • Will's Police K9 World

    United States:
  • War Dog Units by Branch @ the Vietnam Dog Handler Association;
  • DOD Military Working Dog Center;
  • Lackland Training Detachment 701st MP Bn official site for the United States Army Military Working Dog School;
  • 47TH IPDS (Infantry Platoon Scout Dogs) Jonathan D. Wahl;
  • 58th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog, History of, by Sgt. Robert A. Kollar;
  • 75th Sentry Dogs Vern Wriedt;
  • 377th Security Police Squadron Sentry Dogs Charles E. Penley;
  • 812th Air Police Squadron Walker AFB, Roswell, NM 1955 t0 1958 Jesse Cox;
  • Clark Air Base K9 Homepage (1970's), Marc Hodgdon, webmaster. Submitted by David "Spanky" Hendrickson, USAF K-9 1979-1981, a member of the 3rd SPG/MWD section at Clark AB R.P.;
    Combat Tracker Teams of the Viet Nam War, were small, highly-trained units usually consisting of four men and a Labrador Retriever. The purpose of CTT was to: reestablish contact with the "elusive enemy"; reconnaissance of an area for possible enemy activities; and locate lost or missing friendly personnel. They are reuniting and sharing what their teams were taught by the British SAS and Royal Army Veterinary Corps back in the VN War with SWAT and other K9 specialties. Their comprehensive site contains over 65 pages of photos;
  • Fort Benning Military Police K-9 Section;
  • U.S. Navy K-9 Units Sentry Dogs, Dick King;
  • Oneijak's Place Vernon J Anderson - numerous units;
  • Scout Dog Pages by Charles Cargo;
  • Vietnam Dog Handler Association;
  • Vietnam Security Police Association K9 Section

  • Royal Australian Airforce Doggies Homepage (unofficial)
  • Belgium: Unité de Chenils Interforces

    United States:
  • ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, US) Canine Operations Branch;
  • The Defense Protective Service provides law enforcement and security services for the Pentagon and other Department of Defense facilities throughout the National Capital Region. DPS is a civilian police department which formed in 1987. The K9 Division formed in 1998;
  • IL Office of the State Fire Marshall K9 Program Information including information on the individual teams;
  • Coast Guard Narcotic Detection K9 Unit;
  • Nashville International Airport Explosive Detection;
  • National Narcotic Dogs Detection Association;
  • Navy's Military Working Dog Program, managed by the NCIS, provides continuous explosive and drug detector dog support to the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Customs Service, U.S. Marshals Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of State and various local law enforcement agencies;
  • Canine & Explosives Program US DOT;

  • HM Customs and Excise Detector Dog Service

  • NOTE: To be ADDED index of K9 vest fundraising/donation programs
    Can you help by donating for your community's K9s?
  • Institute for Canine Forensics

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  • Monroe H Gage III and K9 Allee & K9 Falco;
  • Sgt. J.D. Apgar, K9 Niko & K9 Baron (Retired) of the Pennridge Regional K9 Unit;
  • Jan Bildtgård, Helsingborg, Sweden, is a police officer and dog handler. This multilingual website, K9 Sweden features information about Swedish police dogs and Jan's service dog, a Rottweiler, named Harley;
  • Lt. Greg Renfroe and K-9 Partner Joeri a dual purpose police/narcotics detection dog for the State of Illinois's Department of Corrections;
  • K9 Lasso, patrol dog, Columbia County Sheriff's Office in Georgia;
  • Dale McCluskey & Reuben, Sackville PD, New Brunswick, Canada;
  • The Police Officer's Internet Directory Officers Index

  • Coastie, the Safety Dog USCG Coloring Book & Story, LT Chris Alexander, Air Station Cape Cod Safety Officer;
  • Senior Airman, Ryan, USAF K-9 handler/Law Enforcement Patrolman, and K9 partner, Yorka, 436 Security Forces Squadron, Dover AFB in Dover, DE

  • Anna & Frank Day, a narcotics detection dog, who worked with DEA Atlanta before being aquired by the Eatonton Police Dept;
  • FBI Narcotics Detector Dogs and Chemical Explosive Detector Dogs;
  • Bubba, Fulton PD's drug sniffing Golden Retriever, and handlers Lt. Lyla Robbins, Sgt. Kelley Heather and Lt.. Andre' Cook;
  • Kova ∓ Ellie, K9 Fire Investigators, NSW Fire Brigades' Fire Investigation Unit, Australia;
  • Chris' Drug Dog Page H.M Customs & Excise Southhampton
  • I was unable to locate many personal Military or Detector Dog websites featuring individual dogs and their handlers. If you would like to submit such a site for review, please email me.

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    Photos & Galleries
    Recognition & Memorials
  • K9 Memorial in Miami, Florida at The American Police Hall Of Fame & Museum;
  • The Police Dog Home Page Valor Section, is a moving and respectful tribute to the courage and dedication of those officers and canines who have given their lives during service to their communities. This section provides us all with an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the commitment and invaluable service of these remarkable officers and their K9 partners.
    Cpl. Robin Massey's partner, Police K9 "Ralph", a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois. Killed in the line of duty - June 1997, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sincere thanks to Bob Eden of the K9 Academy For Law Enforcement for use of photographs.
  • NAPWDA Memorial Page and Honor Roll;
  • The Police Officer's Internet Directory Memorials Index;
  • Greg Renfroe's The State of Illinois Unsung Canine Heroes Page - this page pays tribute to those who died from natural causes, accidents, or disease not to "snub" those who died in the line of duty, but, to insure that the contribution of these canines is recognized.

  • Patriots Point War Dog Exhibit;
  • the Dogs of War page at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery & Crematory;
  • In the Vietnam Dog Handler Association Memorials section, there is a Memorial Locator; Memorials Honoring War Dog Handlers, Combat Trackers, and Canines KIA as well as an "In Memory of" section;

  • Accelerant Detection Dogs Page Bruce Ludemann, Niagara County Fire Service and the Fire Investigation Unit K-9 Handler;
  • The "Detector Dog of the Month" is recognized at the US Customs Main Page

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  • Officer Ray Frost, and his wife Deputy Sheila Frost, host a chat room for the use of Law Enforcement Officers and their friends;
  • Police Dogs Home Page Message Center (BBS);
  • To become a member of the K-9 Police List, you must be a K-9 Handler or Trainer and be employed by, retired from or otherwise associated with, a Law Enforcement agency or the Military. List Master is Jim Fitch;
  • Police K9 Webring;
  • USPCA Message Center
  • K9 Forensic
    Forensic evidence/cadaver dog searching and training information. To subscribe write to: K9Forensic-request@prusik.com and put SUBSCRIBE in the message. Contact Adela Morris with questions at: Adela@prusik.com;
  • K9 Police List
    Restricted to K9 police handlers. Send name, email address and department to Kathleen Weaver. To subscribe send email To: kathleen@txk9cop.metronet.com, Subject: subscribe k9police, In the body include: your-name, email address, department and ORI number, reason for wanting to subscribe

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    If you are aware of any events that you would like to list here OR links to Police or Military Working Dog event calendars, please email me.
  • NAPWDA Workshops;
  • USPCA Calendar of Events;
  • DOD Military Working Dog Competition (N/A 8/2003);
  • SR/DR Fire-SAR Convention (N/A 8/2003)

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