For an introduction to the sport, I found Kadi Thingvall's French Ringsport Overview particularly helpful. The information is easily read, very conveniently arranged, and includes a dictionary, competition level information, exercises, field layout and equipment information. "Schutzhund is a sport composed of three parts - tracking, obedience and protection work. The dog and handler must pass all three parts at the same trial in order to earn a Schutzhund title." Please see the Schutzhund FAQ, by Holly Lee Stowe, for an introduction and overview of the sport. While both are 'protection' sports, Ringsport & Schutzhund are not the same. Kadi Thigvall's site has a comparison to help you understand the differences.
Reviewed in this section:
Intros & FAQs
Ringsport Overview
Enthusiast's Page/NARA
Linda's Schutzhund Page
DVG America
Addt'l Clubs, Orgs & Assns
Photo Galleries
eMail Lists, BBS, Webrings, etc.
Event & Calendars
 Ringsport(s) & Schutzhund

 SAR, Tracking & Water Work

Service & Therapy

 Misc & Multi-Topic:
Earthdogs, Working Trials, etc.

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    Kadi Thingvall's Ringsport Overview provides a wealth of information for both newcomers and veterans. Categories covered include: Exercises, Competition Levels, Jump Increments, Breeds for Competition, a Dictionary, Decoy Information, a comparison of Ringsport and Schutzhund, Training Tips, a Clubs Listing, Events Calendar, Pictures, a Sample Field Layout, Hurdle Construction and Links.

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    Bob Dixon's Ringsport Enthusiast's Page website hosts several categories of information including: a tribute section, "What's Ring?", clubs, training information, handling, resources and more. The site also hosts the North American Ringsport Assn site including U.S. Ring History, club information, a club list, policy and rules, as well as additional local and linked information related to the activity.

    In Schutzhund there are three levels Sch H I (novice); Sch H II (intermediate) and Sch H III (master level). An advanced tracking degree (FH) is also offered), plus several other titles."

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    According to the DVG America website . . . "DVG is the oldest and largest Schutzhund training organization in the world. Begun in 1903, DVG was Germany's first police and service dog club and has now grown to nearly 30,000 members. While attracting breeders of all working dogs, DVG exists for only one purpose - the training and titling of dogs of all kinds. In addition to Schutzhund and advanced tracking degrees, it is the only organization in America to offer Breitensport titles, providing competition opportunities for all people who love to train dogs, even the smallest of breeds." At their website you can explore the following areas: "What is Schutzhund?"; "The History of DVG"; the organizational structure of German Dog Sports; club and membership information; resources; events and training; and, more.

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    The purpose of this multilingual schutzhund.com website is to "to promote and provide updated information regarding the sport of Schutzhund, as well as Conformation. We feel both working ability and conformation are equally important when striving toward the ideal dog. " At the site, you will find forums, articles, an events calendar, event results, club and organization information and more.

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    Linda Guidry's Schutzhund Page is a great resource for those interested in learning more about the sport. An introduction page provides a summary of the sport as well as links to many related sites, by category. The Tracking, Obedience, Protection & BH sections contain several articles providing more detailed information on these components of Schutzhund competition. You can also meet Gator, Cade and Guy, Linda's dogs, read about their training and accomplishments and view photos in their galleries.

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  • Ringsport Club Listing and loads of related links @ Kadi Thingvall's Ringsport Overview;
  • Canadian Ringsport Assn;
  • NARA Club Listing;
  • the official United Schutzhund Clubs of America Homepage;
  • DVG America's list of Clubs & Officers by State and links to Schutzhund Clubs & othe dog related sites;
  • the Gold Rush Schutzhund Club with links to several USCA & DVG Club websites;
  • searchable Clubs Database & Organizations Listing @ Schutzhund.Com
  • Mexico: Ringsport Club;
  • Mondoiring International;
  • United States Mondioring Association;
  • WPDA World Protection Dog Association (N/A 1/22/2002)

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  • Ringsport Photographs @ Kadi Thingvall's Ringsport Overview;
  • NARA Ringsport Photo Album I and Ringsport Photo Album II

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  • RingSport Discussion Group @ Yahoo! Groups;
  • Protection eMail Lists @ rpd website;
  • Ringsport Webring Home Page or Site Index;
  • Ring BBS and Bulletin Board Canadian Ringsport Assn;
  • a Discussion Forum & Chat Room (Java) are available @ Schutzhund.Com

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  • Ringsport Events Calendar @ Kadi Thingvall's Ringsport Overview;
  • 2000 CRA Championships Gallery Canadian Ringsport Association;
  • 2001 RMRSA Trial & Seminar Photo Gallery Canadian Ringsport Association;
  • Trial Announcements @ the Canadian Ringsport Assocation;
  • Upcoming Trials @ the NARA website;
  • 2001 NARA Championships Website;
  • Upcoming DVG/LV America Events and the results of the National Champions 1981-2001;
  • Events Calendar @ Schutzhund.Com;
  • Show & Trial Results @ Schutzhund.Com
  • Special thanks to Kadi Thingvall for use of the photos in this section of the DogInfomat.

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    Reviewed in this section:
    Intros & FAQs
    Articles & Stories
    Absaroka Search Dogs
    International SAR Websites
    SARBC: Search & Rescue Soc of British Columbia
    SW Tracking Assn of Metro Houston
    Dan Tratnack's Tracking Site
    Water Work Sites
    Addt'l Clubs, Orgs & Assns
    Personal Sites
    Photos, Tributes & Memorials
    eMail Lists, BBS, Webrings, etc.
    Events & Calendars

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    From internationally known Search & Rescue operations like the Oklahoma City bombing and Mexico City earthquake to daily searches for missing persons - snow, land, and water rescues dogs and their handlers provide an invaluable and irreplaceable service. Besides extensive initial training programs, dogs and their handlers participate in ongoing training and practice and are tested both, competitively, and against standards, to verify their skills and abilities. Frequently, these are volunteer teams who, besides their 'real jobs' put an incredible amount of their 'spare' time and energy into developing their skills, working with and caring for their dogs, and assisting those in need, when called upon.

    In this section, I have provided previewed links to some of the best SAR related sites on the internet. However, I must admit, this is one area where the sheer volume of information did not allow me to include as much directly-linked access as I would have liked to. Instead, I have included links to several of the best SAR organizational and personal sites, as well as, a few select indexes, which will provide visitors with a pathway to a wealth of online information. Many of these sites host SAR related news, calendars, articles, standards, stories, photo galleries, links, resources and tools, etc.

    Competitive Tracking and Water Trials are based upon working histories which included search and rescue function. These tests are designed to measure some of the same traits, instincts, and abilities as those desired in SAR canines. The Colonial Newfoundland Club's Water Rescue page states, "The Water Test offers the Newfoundland an opportunity to perform a series of exercises designed to show their natural life-saving instincts." and, according to the AKC Tracking Regulations, the purpose of tracking competitions are " . . . to demonstrate the dog's ability to recognize and follow human scent, a skill that is useful in the service of mankind". Read the story of Ariel, a VST dog, and her handler, Christy's, introduction to search and rescue in The Source, by Ed Presnall and Christy Bergeon, 1998©.

    The photos contained within the SAR section have been provided by Absaroka Search Dogs and were taken by team members. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements presented at the DI are not to be downloaded, duplicated or, otherwise manipulated, without prior authorization.

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  • 77 Facts by Hatch Graham;
  • About Search Dogs and About Handlers @ Absaroka Search Dogs;
  • Overview of SAR with bibliography and training links, K. Clouston;
  • Role of the Search Dog Team by Dave Dubois @ Mountain Canine Corps;
  • SAR-DOGS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions - N/F 6/29/2001) hosted @ Dan Comden's Avalanche Dogs!;
  • Dan Tratnack's Tracking Glossary;
  • Southwest Tracking Association of Metro Houston's Introduction to Tracking Page;
  • Tracking Fields: An Introduction to Basic Tracking by Ed Presnall @ Pawmark.com
  • Photo above-right: Search for lost hunter with members Lynn Chan, Chris Dover & "Targhee", German Shepherd Dog Absaroka Search Dogs©

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  • Books: Karen Clouston's SAR Book List;
  • Children's Survival: Lost in the Woods© 1997 SARBC a child survival program; and, Children's Woodsproofing© 1996 Kenneth A. Hill, PhD, hosted by the SARBC;
  • National Hug A Tree website (San Diego CA) and a Hug A Tree Coloring Book @ the RCMP CCP website;
  • FEMA Library;
  • For Rescue Dogs "Nothing's Better Than a Live Find" Smithsonian Magazine 8/97;
  • Research & Development Papers at the National Search and Rescue Secretariat;
  • Research & Statistics including: Alzheimer's Disease SAR Research, Despondent SAR Statistics & Fatigue and SAR Research @ Robert Koester's SAR website;
  • SAR Alert! Newsletter Articles Archive @ NASAR;
  • SAR Stories @ Robert Koester's SAR website;
  • Search Dog Stories @ NSARDA;
  • Excerpt from "The Other Woman Is A Dog" by Diane H. Sickles (1995) @ Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs;
  • Online Library @ NASAR;
    Training Articles by Absaroka Search Dogs' Handlers;
  • Search & Rescue Articles Index and Other Scenting Articles Index @ Dr. P's;
  • Index of Articles & Resources @ SARBC;
  • A collection of articles by Marion Hardy of Mid-Atlantic D.O.G.S. is available at the Superior Search and Rescue website;
  • Tracking Books & Videos @ Southwest Tracking Association of Metropolitan Houston;
  • Dan Tratnack's Tracking Books & Videos List;
  • Tracking Stories @ the Moraine Tracking Club;
  • The Dog Nobody Wanted . . . -- awarded The DWAA Certificate of Excellence, Twice as Nice!, the story of Merlin, the first VST Clumber Spaniel, by Ed Presnall, 1997© and more stories by Ed can be found here;
  • Tracking Article Index @ Dr. P's;
  • Craig Green's Tracking Articles @ CyberHound! The Basset Hound Home Page;
  • Tracking Articles @ the Southwest Tracking Association of Metropolitan Houston;
  • Scent in a Bottle: The Logical Approach to Tracking by J Decker @ the Malinut Page;
  • Dan Tratnack's Training Logs & Starting a Puppy in Tracking articles and Sample Tracks;
  • Tracking Training Tips @ the Moraine Tracking Club

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    911BC is a nonprofit, volunteer, search and recovery team based in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Volunteer handlers are professional, police, fire, and emergency service people and train several times each month. The unit provides canine search services within Waukesha County and surrounding areas and provides it's service at no charge to the requesting agency.

    The team trains in air scent search to locate any humans or evidence in a specific area and the handlers pass proficiency evaluations prior to participating in searches. They also train in specialty search areas such as evidence search, water search, and disaster search.

    911BC will present educational seminars or short presentations to agencies, groups, or schools about search & rescue, search dogs, and related topics. Site features include member profiles, a SAR glossary, photo album, seminar information, memorial page, kids page and more.

    Photo upper right: Zip showing "Alert" on human remains. Photo provided by AJ Marhofke, 911BC.

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    The Absaroka Search Dogs organization is an all volunteer, non profit, organization serving Montana and Wyoming area since 1986.

    At their interesting and educational website you can read about their 1998 Callouts & Searches as well as Writeups of Searches. They have also made their Newsletter available online. Team photos & bios will let you get to know the group and they also host a SAR/K9 links page. This is an inviting and user-friendly site which is updated frequently.

    Photo at left: Vikki Fenton-Anderberg, Janne & "Pilot", German Shepherd Dog, Absaroka Search Dogs©

    I wish to thank ASD for their generous contribution of photographs that are contained within this section.

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    NASAR is "a non-profit membership association comprised of thousands of dedicated paid and non-paid professionals - all active or interested in search and rescue, disaster aid, emergency medicine and awareness education. We are a self-supporting, non-profit association acting as the country's "admirable servant" in furthering the advancement of professional, literary and scientific knowledge and training in these fields. We are interested in all aspects of search and rescue - the humanitarian cause of saving lives - throughout the United States and around the world." Their website contains a wealth of information including a Calendar; Resource Database; Mission Reports; Forums including Chat and Message Boards; NASAR Training information; an Online Libary; Links by Category; and, more.

    Added: Sunday, April 16, 2000      
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    SAR Dogs in the Netherlands
    Swiss Disaster Dog Association

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    The SARBC: Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia, Victoria, BC, presents a wealth of information in a conveniently accessible format. Check out the "Meat & Potatoes" section for a laundry list of site contents. Visit "What's New" to learn the latest site changes & additions. SARBC News Briefs features information and reports from events, course schedules, and more. SARNEWS is the online newsletter/magazine for search and rescue response personnel. Additional information related to resources, tools, links and more is also available at the site. You can also download SHIFTPOA, DOS computer programs for search analysis, statistics and log-keeping.

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    Sly The Southwest Tracking Assn of Metropolitan Houston's website hosts a good deal of educational and informative tracking content as well as several original stories by Ed Presnall, DWAA member and awardee, and other contributing authors.

    Informative content includes What is Tracking?, a Tracking Comparison Chart, a list of recommended books and videos, member information, AKC title information and linked access to AKC Tracking event schedules, a list of Tracking Clubs, a Photo Gallery, links and more. The stories can be found in the Articles seciton of the site. The site is frequently updated and easily navigated.

    Special thank you to Barb Boettcher for use of the photo of Sly, above-left.

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    Dan Tratnack's Tracking Site is a great starting point for Tracking information. The Tracking Glossary will help you get a handle on the terminology while the What is Tracking? walk through will introduce you to the sport. Site features also include equipment info, sample track layouts, Dan's training logs, books and videos, related organizations, and links.

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    The MudPups-L eMail List, a eMail List devoted to the discussion of Water Work with dogs, website provides information related to the list, policies, subscription, commands, etc. There is also a page of categorized Water Work Resources available at the site.

    Some additional resources that I found interesting include: the Colonial Newfoundland Club's Water Rescue Page; Portuguese Water Dog Club of America's Water Work Page, especially the PWDCA Water Trial Manual.

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  • Aichi K-9 Disaster Search And Rescue Association Japan (N/A 1/22/2002);
  • ASARD: Alaska Search & Rescue Dogs;
  • ASB: Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V. (Eng & German);
  • ARDA: American Rescue Dog Assn;
  • ARTI, American Rescue Team International: Canine Unit Area;
  • Beartooth Search Dogs;
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group and a US imagemap linking to SAR Contacts;
  • BRH Bundesverband für das Rettungshundewesen e.V. (German only);
  • British Civil Defence Dog Team UK;
  • FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency US;
  • Icelandic Search Dogs;
  • IRG: International Rescue Dog Group The Netherlands (Eng & Dutch);
  • International Rescue Dog Organisation;
  • Kentucky Search Dog Assn;
  • LaSAR: Louisiana Search and Rescue Dogs;
  • Mountain Canine Corps, Los Alamos NM;
  • Mountain Rescue Assn a collaboration of SAR organizations that furnish volunteer search and rescue services, at no direct cost to the taxpayers. MRA Members' Team Pages;
  • National Association for Search and Rescue;
  • National Disaster Search Dog Foundation;
  • NSARDA: National Search and Rescue Dog Association (UK);
  • SARSCENE Online: National Search and Rescue Secretariat Canada (Eng & French);
    NSW Australia Fire Brigade USAR Dog Squad;
  • SAR Dogs Otago Inc (formerly New Zealand Alpine Search Dogs);
    RCMP/CSDA Civilian Search and Rescue Service Dog Program;
  • SAR Alberta
  • SARDA: Search & Rescue Dog Assn Southern Scotland;
  • SARVAC: Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada Inc.;
  • Superior Search and Rescue Houghton MI;
  • Swiss Disaster Dog Association (Eng & German);
  • Virginia Search and Rescue Council hosted by Robert Koester;
  • Wake Canine Search & Rescue, Inc., Raleigh NC

  • Links to Tracking Sites @ Pawmark.Com;
  • Moraine Tracking Club
    Water Work
  • G.L.A. Terranova, Italian Newfoundland Water Rescue Page (Ital, French, and an Eng version is under construction);
  • WET DOG: Water Education Training Dog Obedience Group (Canine Assisted Water Rescue) Denton TX

    Indexes & Other
  • The Bloodhound Network: SAR;
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group's US imagemap linking to SAR Contacts with additional links to Canadian, National and International SAR Contact;
  • Search & Rescue Volunteer Assocation of Canada (SARVAC);
  • Canadian Search & Rescue Organizations Directory @ the National Search and Rescue Secretariat website;
  • Emergency Services Database 44 countries represented at last visit;
  • EPIX: Emergency Preparedness Information eXchange operated by the Centre for Policy Research on Science & Technology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, CA;
  • Robert Koester's SAR Site Index;
  • SAR sites listing @ Mountain Rescue Assn;
  • NASAR's Sar Teams Listing;
  • NSARDA's International SAR Sites;
  • RescueNet;
  • Rescue Training & Resource Guide Justin Kibell, Victoria, AU, categorized by type (i.e., Land, Water, Vehicle, etc.);
  • SARINFO's SAR Team Links Page;
  • SARBC's extensive listing of SAR Links;
  • List of US AKC Tracking Clubs @ AKC.Org
  • Photo above at right: Lee Dunn & "Sky", Border Collie, Absaroka Search Dogs©

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  • Absaroka Search Dogs Team Members & their Dogs;
  • Karen Clouston' SAR/Working Airedale Website includes an excellent story of Karen's experiences raising and training of Indiana, a SAR dog;
  • Ben de Lange's Search and Rescue Dogs in the Netherlands;
  • Aeida's Life with Frodo, the story of a Lab & a Chessie, their friends, and activities;
  • Libby Simendinger's Tracking Dalmatians

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  • The Teams of Absaroka Search Dogs;
  • Photos of ASARD: Alaska Search & Rescue Dogs @ Work and SAR Dog Memorial;
  • The Working Dogs of CARDA: Coming Soon;
  • The dogs of the Kentucky Search Dog Association;
  • Oklahoma City Bombing Monument recognizing the heroic efforts of those canines and handlers who assisted in the search for survivors;
  • The RCMP/CSDA Photo Album;
  • SARDA Southern Scotland: Photo Gallery
  • West Virginia K9 Search & Rescue Photo Galleries;
  • Moraine Tracking Club Photo Gallery
  • Photo at right: Yellowstone Co. Sherriff with Roxanne LeGreca & "Ash", Newfoundland, Absaroka Search Dogs©

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  • The Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia maintains an extensive collection of SAR Discussions, Forums & Lists information;
  • The Emergency Services Database hosts listings of Forums, Newsgroups and eMail Lists;
  • Search & Rescue Webring Homepage & Index of Sites;
  • SAR-Dogs Discussion List Homepage List is owned by Liz Marr;
  • Listing of SAR, Tracking, Scent Work & related eMail Lists @ the Bloodhound Network;
  • MudPups-L (Water Work)s

  • Verified: January 22, 2002      
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  • 3rd Annual Search & Rescue/Disaster Response '99 Conference and Exposition June 23 - 26, Nashville TN;
  • International Rescue Dog Organizations Symposiums and Message Board;
  • International Rescue Dog Organizations World Championships;
  • Events Calendar & Reports @ Absaroka Search Dogs;
  • NASAR Conferences and Symposia;
  • Upcoming Events Calendar & SARSCENE Workshops - multiple years covered @ the National Search and Rescue Secretariat website;
  • Events Calendars at SARINFO;
  • AKC Interactive Events Calendar;
  • Canadian Kennel Club Interactive Events Calendar Tracking Tests, Scent Hurdling Calendar and Water Rescue Tests;
    MudPups-L Calendar of Events (Water Work) (Note: This was out of date at my last visit, however, I am leaving the link in the event that the site is updated.)

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    Reviewed in this section:
    Intros & FAQs
    Articles & Stories
    Assistance Dogs International
    Canine Companions for Independence
    Delta Society
    Guide Dog Assn of NSW and ACT (AU)
    Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Training Centre (UK)
    InterMountain Therapy Animals
    Intl Assn of Assistance Dog Partners
    New Life Mobility Assistance Dogs
    Northeast Rehab Hospital's AFT
    Seeing Eye Home Page
    Addt'l Clubs, Orgs & Assns
    Individual Dogs/People Pages
    Photos, Tributes & Memorials
    eMail Lists, BBS, Webrings, etc.
    Events & Calendars

    INTRODUCTIONS & FAQS Lucky brings a sack to Quint

    The series of photographs below are of "Lucky", a smooth Collie who was the service dog partner of Quint Meenen until 7/25/2005 when he passed away. Lucky was born 4/7/95 and had been donated to Paws With A Cause by his breeder Frank Jewett of Maji Kennels near Jacksonville, Florida. After extensive training in their Grand Rapids, Michigan facility, he was partnered with Quint Meenen. Field training to develop their working partnership lasted six months. The team was first certified 10/16/97. In honor of his working career, Quint named him Lucky PAWS in Action when they were certified as a team.

    When Lucky passed, Quint wrote . . .

    "The hole in my heart belongs to you, my regal lad. When I think of you, I'll remember you as a sweet, gentle and sensitive boy that loved and helped me. You will forever remain in my heart and someday we will be reunited. You are in a better place now where you can finally be free of cancer's pain. You fought it as the stoic boy you are. I'll see you again - that I promise you. When you see Bootsie or Puff, they will introduce you to Lady. Run free, romp around and get aquainted. Please tell them someday I will be with them once again. God Speed, Mr. Lucky. I love you. I'll always love you."

    Quint has requested that memorials be directed to Collie Health Foundation.

    RIGHT: Lucky, was a certified Paws With A Cause Service Dog (right), he could carry things from room to room for his friend, Quint. Here he was carrying a sack from the kitchen to Quint in the den. Click on the photos for a larger view.

    Lucky turns on the light. Dogs have long been bred and trained to be of assistance to humans by performing a variety of services and functions. Livestock guarding, hunting, herding, tracking, protection and more . . . for centuries, dogs have truly proven themselves to be "man's best friend" as both aide and faithful companion. This is nowhere more evident than in the variety of ways in which service and therapy dogs provide measurable health benefits and services to improve the quality of life and health of their human companions and friends. Service dogs live with and assist humans with hearing and vision impairments, and other physical limitations. More recently, persons with additional medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and seizure disorders are being shown to benefit from service dog assistance.

    LEFT: Assistance dogs frequently do light switches for their disabled partners.

    Lucky picks up Quints keys.
    Therapy and Visitation dogs, working with human volunteers, visit with the ill and invalid, as well as persons going through rehabilitation programs. Further, with the advent of some new, innovative programs such as the Eden Alternative (linked below), the elderly and others in nursing homes and long-term care facilities are able to live with, and care for, dogs and other pets.

    Two sites which provide an introduction to, and overview of, these types of programs, including pointers to additional resources, are: Cindy Tittle Moore's Service Dog FAQ and Diane Blackman's Animal Assisted Therapy Page.

    RIGHT: Lucky picked up dropped items such as keys.

    Lucky brings Quint a soda.

    From the members of the Puppyraisers Email List, the Puppyraiser Web Site! contains both general service dog related information as well as information specifically related to the work and experiences of the volunteer "Puppyraisers". The Paws With A Cause website contains a good deal of information related to that organization, its programs, and areas covering the different types of services the dogs perform.

    LEFT: Lucky would bring a soda from the fridge to Quint in any room of the house.

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  • An Introduction to Animal Assisted Therapy by Diane Blackman

    Assistant Dogs: Guide, Hearing & Service
  • Assistant Dog FAQ @ ADI;
  • History of Guide Dogs in Australia and the World @ Guide Dog Assn of New South Wales and A.C.T.;
  • Seizure Response Dogs @ Paws with a Cause

  • Last Visit: January 22, 2002       To Top    To the S & T Dog Index


  • Animal Assisted Therapy Page @ Italian Greyhound Club of America;
  • Articles & Stories Archives @ InterMountain Therapy Animals;
  • Delta Society hosts several Articles by Susan McElroy, author of "Animals as Teachers and Healers";
  • Two interesting articles, which include supportive, measurable research findings which conclude that there both psychological and physical benefits to the elderly and infirmed receiving animal assisted therapy are" Pet Facilitated Therapy in Nursing Homes", by Ira B. Perelle and Diane A. Granville of Mercy College in New York, and "Pets and Senior Citizens - The Healing Power of Pets" at senior-site.com;
  • Stories from the members of Therapy Dogs of Vermont

    Assistance Dogs: Guide, Hearing & Service
  • Access rights of Guide Dog Users @ Guide Dog Assn of New South Wales and A.C.T. (AU);
  • Articles from Around the World @ IAADP ;
  • Assistance Dog Laws and Legal Resources @ IAADP ;
  • Commonly Asked Questions about Service Animals in Places of Business at the US Dept. of Justice's ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Website;
  • Delta Society's Service Animal/Service Dog Resource Directory including a glossary, "Selecting the Right Service Animal/Service Dog Training Source for You", and a national/international directory of service dog and other service animal suppliers, and more;
  • Delta Society's Service Dog Bibliography;
  • Guide Dog Access Laws for the US & Canada (zipped) @ the Seeing Eye;
  • Leader Dog has developed a manual designed for the employer that deals with guide dogs in the work place. Visit their site to learn how to get your copy and about the organization's free seminars;
  • The Seeing Eye Resource Center;
  • Reesa Is Now A Service Dog! - how a sickly stray became a loving and helpful assistant dog with the help of a few of her own friends: Twyla's Friends, Texas Hearing and Service Dogs & the Hamman Fnd;
  • Real Life Stories @ Guide Dog Assn of New South Wales and A.C.T.

  • Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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    Assistance Dogs International, whose mission it is to:
  • promote standards of excellence in all areas of Assistance Dog programs;
  • Facilitate communication and learning among member organizations; and,
  • Educate the public to the benefits of these programs
  • is a relatively young organizations, being established in 1987. The coalition represents organizations and individuals training and placing Assistance Dogs, including Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs & Service Dogs. Members are required to adhere to standards and ethics covering their interactions with clients, the dogs and their organization's structure and policies. A Compliance Committee mediates complaints. The site features information about their work in access and other legal matters, member organizations, program standards, events, and more.

    Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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    Canine Companions for Independence "Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People", whose national headquarters are located in Santa Rosa, CA, is a non profit organization whose mission is to " . . . serve the needs of people with disabilities by providing trained service, hearing and social dogs and by providing continuing support to ensure the success of the working team." Program, eligibility, a FAQ page, puppy raising, and regional contact information is available at this site.

    Last Visit: Tuesday, July 10, 2001      
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    The Delta Society is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is "To promote animals helping people improving their health, independence and quality of life.". The organization has a user-friendly site which is frequently updated and includes a great deal of information related to the organization, it's objectives, programs and accomplishments. The comprehensive site's major sections include: Health Benefits of Animals; Therapy Animals; and Service Dogs. Additional site features include articles, news and assorted related materials as well as information related to the National Service Dog Center, the Pet Partners program (AAA/AAT), event announcements, and more.

    3 stars
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    Guide Dog Assn of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territories The Guide Dog Assn of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territories is a well designed, friendly, and informative site. Founded in 1958, as it's name implies, GDANSW/ACT does breed and train guide dogs for people who are blind or vision impaired . . . But, that is not all they do. Read more about the organization including a History of Guide Dogs in Australia and the World. The site also provides a wealth of information about the dogs, themselves; FAQs covering a variety of related subjects; vision impairment; the organization's programs and services; resources for teachers and schools; current news; articles and stories including Guiding Techniques, Access Rights, Design Tips, and more; a discussion board; products which support the organization; and more. And, if all this isn't enough, you can also download some cute puppy wallpapers for you computer.

    Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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    Modelled after similar programs in the US, the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Training Centre (Oxon, UK) was launched in 1982 as the English Hearing Dogs program at the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. Since that time, it has placed approximately 400 hearing dogs with deaf people. Read more about the organization at the website, including: "What we do and how we do it"; How You Can Help; Education - with a neat "On-line School Pack" for teachers; the 'Gallery'; related links; and, more.

    3 stars
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    The InterMountain Therapy Animals, a Delta Society affiliate, website includes information, stories, an events calendar, photos, and much more. This award-winning, searchable site features include: organization information, the Learn about AAT, the fun Animal Fun, and Links to Service Animal Sites.

    Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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    The International Assn of Assistance Dog Partners is a non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs. This comprehensive site is speech friendly and contains an interactive element which is available to all users. The organization was launched in 1993 at the joint Delta Society and Assistance Dogs International Conference where it was decided, by unanimous vote, to establish an independent cross disability consumer organization that could represent all Assistance Dog Partners and advance consumer interests in the assistance dog field. Read more about the organization's mission, history, programs and projects at their website. There are also links to membership information, news, a photo gallery, canine information, additional information and resources, and more.

    IAADP Leader Dog graduate team at Montara Power Company Photo provided courtesy of IAADP.

    Last Visit: Wednesday, March 01, 2000      
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    New Life Mobility Assistance Dogs is an organization that specializes in the rescue and training of shelter dogs to become assistance dogs for the disabled. Read the heartwarming story of the organization's beginnings, the work they do, success stories, and more.

    Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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    Northeast Rehab Hospital's Animal Facilitated Therapy Program is an active institutional program organized and run by Ms. Linda Hume, as a function of the Therapeutic Recreation Department. This is a very active program with a substantial core of volunteers and "well-screened, highly-trained" animals. Traditional physical, occupational and speech therapies are augmented with AFT and, the animals also make social visits to patients as well as participating in community education outreach. Their website hosts a number of informative articles, especially, for those interested in institutional AFT.

    Last Visit: Tuesday, July 10, 2001      
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    The Seeing Eye Home Page, a speech-friendly site, is presented by the philanthropic organization of the same name. Founded in 1929, based in Morristown, New Jersey, and currently active in the US and Canada, the organization's site provides basic information related to this program as well as several online articles, newsletters and links to additional sites of interest. Categories include: General Information; Annual Report; Puppy Raisers; Technology Center; Dog Guide Laws for the US and Canada (zipped); Dog Guide History Reading Room; Partners in Travel How Orientation and Mobility Specialists Can Assist Dog Guide Travelers; Canine Guidelines from the Vet; The Seeing Eye Guide, Spring 1998 and archived issues; how you can help; links, and more.

    Last Visit: Tuesday, July 10, 2001      
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  • The Animal Facilitated Therapy Page at RehabNET, provided by Northeast Rehab Hospital is a good AFT-specific service dog resource;
  • Chenny Troupe Chicago, IL;
  • IWEC's Create-A-Smile program with with chapters in New York, Texas, and Florida as well as Isreal & Italy & Germany;
  • The Eden Alternative, a concept originally defined and initiated by Dr. William Thomas, incorporates the belief that the introduction and integration of pets, as well as other quality of life 'enhancements' into the daily lives of long term care facility residents, not only significantly improves their quality of life, but can positively impact their long term prognosis, if not longevity;
  • Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy including Love on a Leash for Dogs and Love on a Leash for Pets (founded by Liz Palika);
  • PALS: Pets Are Loving Support, a Sonoma County, California, program which provides resources to assist AIDs patients in keeping their pets with them and, also, to make provisions for their care in the event of their owner's death;
  • The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta;
  • Prescription Pet Program The Children's Hospital (Denver) and the Denver Area Veterinary Medical Society, CO;
  • St John's Ambulance Therapy Dogs Manitoba, CA;
  • Therapy Dogs International, Inc. Flanders, NJ;
  • Therapy Dogs of Vermont;
  • Diane Blackman's Index of Organizations;
  • Index of Organizations @ Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace, Helen T Redlus

    Assistance Dogs: Guide, Hearing & Service (some of these may also include AAA/AAT)
  • List of Guide Dog Schools & Organizations @ the American Council for the Blind;
  • Canine Assistants, Alpharetta, GA, adopts dogs from shelters and rescue and trains them to assist children and adults in the Southeast who have impaired mobility or other special needs;
  • Canines in Coats 4-H guide dog puppyraisers, Harney County, OR;
  • Capitol Champions VA;
  • Dogs for the Deaf Central Point, OR;
  • Dogs for the Disabled, Coventry UK;
  • Fidos for Freedom Laurel, MD;
  • Florida Dog Guides For The Deaf, Inc. Bradenton, FL;
  • Guide Dog Foundation Smithtown, NY (text-based Speech friendly);
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind San Rafael, CA;
  • Guide Dog Puppy Raiser Club of Snohomish County, WA with links to many other puppyraising clubs;
  • Guiding Eyes for the Blind Yorktown Heights, NY;
  • Independence Dogs, Inc. Chadds Ford, PA;
  • Lady Nell "Seeing Eye" Dog School Victoria, AU;
  • Leader Dogs for the Blind Rochester, MI;
  • Loving Paws Assistance Dogs Santa Rosa, CA;
  • New Mobility's Interactive Cafe - search their magazine archives for assistant dog related articles and more;
  • Pilot Dogs, Inc. (Service Dog/Vision) Columbus, OH;
  • Support Dogs, Inc. St Louis, MO;
  • Susquehanna Service Dogs Harrisburg, PA;
  • CCI List of Regional Supporting Groups and othe related entities;
  • RNIB: Royal National Institute for the Blind (UK), an award winning website with tons of information including an extensive database of UK and International Agencies

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  • Bailey and Kiowa members of the St John Ambulance Therapy Dog team;
  • Miss Molly by Golly;
  • A Real World Use for Sammy Kisses! by Lisa Peterson;
  • My Life as a Therapy Dog by Jordan (Cat) Tuccio @ A Breed Apart
    NOTE: Although, per the site's entry page, the long time staple "A Breed Apart" has been gone to the "electronic graveyard", this article was still available on 5/27/2003.
    Assistance Dogs: Guide, Hearing & Service
  • Brenda's Guide Dog Homepage;
  • Sheena & Annette's Doberman Pinscher Service Dog (Seizure Alert & Assist);
  • Jen & Kramer's Page;
  • Madison the Service Dog's Website - lots of info and photos;
  • Rosie & Corinne;
  • "His Majesty" Thunder & Mark's Puppy Place - (Guide Dog Puppy Raising);
  • Vann's Page, a Guide Dogs of America puppy;
  • Sky's Page: Guide Dog Puppy

  • Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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    Photos & Photo Galleries
  • Loads of Photos at the IWEC's Create-A-Smile AAT Website;
  • Delta Society's Tribute to Leo K Bustad, DVM (1920 - 1998), co-founder and first President of Delta Society;
  • Fidos for Freedom's website features photo galleries of Special Events, Working Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Dogs In Training;
  • Florida Guide Dogs for the Deaf Photo Pages;
  • Furry Friends Photo Gallery Assisted Therapy;
  • Hearing Dog Gallery and Service Dog Gallery @ Paws with a Cause;
  • Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Photo Gallery (UK);
  • InterMountain Therapy Animals Photo Gallery;
  • IAADP Photo Gallery "Meet Different Kinds of Assistance Dogs at Work";
  • Loving Paws Teams in Training Photo Gallery;
  • Pet Prescription Photo Gallery, The Children's Hospital, Denver CO;
  • The Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta Photo Gallery;
  • Therapy Dogs of Vermont Photo Galleries: Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3

    Tributes & Memorials
  • IWEC's CAS Memorial

  • Last Visit: January 22, 2002      
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  • Chenney Troupe Chat Room (java);
  • To subscribe to the Therapy Dogs eMail List, DOGTALES, send an email to: listserv@listserv.uic.edu and in the subject line type: subscribe DOGTALES your-name

    Assistance Dogs: Guide, Hearing & Service
  • The Delta Society Discussion Board and Chat Room available from their home page (scroll down);
  • Discussion Board @ Guide Dog Association of New South Wales and A.C.T.;
  • Comprehensive Listing of Blindness/VI related eMail Lists & Newsgroups including buddy-l (informal guide dog discussion list), GBX-Juno (independent guide dog discussion group), GUIDE-DOG-POL (Guide Dog and Service Animal Policy Discussion List), juno-l (guide dog discussion list), service-dogs (service (not just guide) dog discussion list) w/subscription instructions;
  • While not exclusively limited to the topics of service dogs, the New Mobility Interactive Cafe provides both a message board and chat rooms (java) for visitors;
  • OT-ADogs: Owner Trained Assistance Dogs Mailing List;
  • Puppyraisers/Service Dogs Webring homepage and index of sites

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  • Delta Society Courses & Events and Special Events Listings;
  • Calendar of Events at Leader Dogs;
  • ADI & IAADP Conference Information 1/99 Orlando FL (members only);
  • Special Events Page & Calendar @ Guiding Eyes for the Blind;
  • Calendar of Events (event coverage is not limited to California) @ Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc., San Rafael, CA

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    This section is for sites covering less well known and/or represented competitions and activities as well as "Working Dog" sites that cover a variety of activities and/or disciplines.

    Reviewed in this section:
    Den Trials & Working
    Dennis Reay's Earthdog FAQ
    American Working Dog Assn
    Associated Sheep, Police & Army Dog Soc
    NATURE: Extraordinary Dogs/PBS

    B Hustace Photography 3 stars
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    Earthdogs, Dachshunds and small Terriers, were bred to chase animals out of their dens and tunnels as well as for vermin control. Dennis Reay has created a very good FAQ which includes the "History of the Earthdog", "Earthdog Den Trials" and information about clubs, associations and events around the world.

    "Den Trial History" and Training for Dachshund Field Trials (earthdogs) by Carrie Hamilton are available at the TAC website.

    Photo (at right) courtesy of Billy Hustace Photography (1-510-430-9202 or hustace@designlink.com). Billy was in the Den with the Border Terrier coming through the tunnel for this rare close-up. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    Also see the AKC Interactive Events Calendar: Dachshund Field Trials.

    3 stars
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    The Association of American Working Trials Societies was begun to develop and promote a new dog sport, Working Trials. However, per the website, their activities have been curbed to include only the recording of results and other administrative/educational activities. Please visit the website for their entire message regarding the status of the organization/sport. An overview of the sport is also available at the website as are rules, materials, etc.

    Verified: Sunday, July 08, 2001      
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    The Associated Sheep, Police & Army Dog Society (ASPADS) was established in the 1920's to promote Working Trials in the U.K. It is the largest Working Trials Society in the U.K. Event Information; results; and more information about working trials is available at the site.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    PBS's NATURE program "Extraordinary Dogs" featured the stories of six hard workin' canines. Luckily, they've provided some clips and online information for you at the show's website. Additionally, they've added some fun facts, links and jokes, and an page that will allow visitors to make customized certificates of recognitions for their own 'extraordinary' dogs.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    Monica Klinkam, publisher and webmaster of the "International Cyberzine for Working Dogs", WORKINGDOGS.com, has created a very helpful and user-friendly site which includes: Original Articles by contributing authors; Reference Materials: including the Working Dogs Online Book Store, in cooperation with Amazon.com; Health Information: a Photo Gallery; eMail List information; and, more . . . for the dogs & the people who "work, breed, train, and love them".

    If you have previously visited this section of the DogInfomat you may notice that this site is no longer rated. While not meant, in any way, to reflect upon the quality of this site, it is the policy of the DogInfomat not to apply star ratings to sites selling puppies or dogs, containing breeder and/or kennel advertising, or advertisements for other dog-related products and/or services.

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