DRAFT WORK: Carting, Sledding & Skijoring & Weight Pulling
Dogs have been assisting man, in many ways, for centuries. One of the most common examples is in the area of transportation. From carts to heavily laden sleds, dogs have proven invaluable in the transportion of man and his cargo. Broadly, the term, 'draft work' describes the pulling of Bull - Jennifer Demersany vehicle by an animal. Today, 'draft dogs' are still in use, especially, in rural and remote areas. In my area, a carting team delivers the morning paper. Draft work also enjoys popularity as a competitive sport. While the AKC does not yet offered draft events and titles, several breed clubs and event-specific organizations, worldwide, do -- the Canadian Kennel Club being one of them. Many of these clubs hold exhibitions, participate in parades, and other community and charitable events.

Photo: Jennifer Demers sent in this photo of the late GSMD CH ISDRA CH IWPA CH Sennenhof's Mark CGC, TDI, ROM, better known to all as "Bull" pulling his weight in Upstate NY. If someone would like more information on training or on finding pulls in their area, they can email her at bodybybull@earthlink.net.
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    Carting refers to an activity where a dog pulls a wheeled vehicle.

    Colette & Warrick Wilson's Carting with your Dog website, suggests there is a growing interest in carting as a dog activity, even with small dogs. I'd have to agree, judging by the rapid growth of websites related to Carting. For the 'basics' on Carting, see the Carting FAQ.

    Thanks to Colette & Warrick Wilson for use of the photo of Noah.

    Reviewed in this section:

    Carting with your Dog
    Carting-L eMail List
    Intros to Carting

    Club Carting Pages
    Photo Galleries & Individual Dogs
    Event Schedules

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    Colette & Warrick Wilson's groundbreaking website, Carting with Your Dog, features a wealth of information to get you started, keep you up to date and entertained with informational content, stories, photos, and more. This, frequently updated, site has been lovingly created by the Warricks with assistance from other Carter friends, including the members of the Carting-L eMail List.

    Visit the Introduction to learn how the Warricks and their Great Pyrenees, Sam, became involved in carting. Visit the Stories & Pictures section to see photos of Sam and his friends carting, including the delightful Cambridge Santa Parade Gallery, with narrative. Informative articles and information about a variety of resources including vendors, clubs, email lists, books and more are also available at the site. All are, conveniently, accessible from the site's main page as is an opportunity to subscribe to receive automatic website update notifications.

    Carters are encouraged to contact the Warricks to contribute photos, stories or informative materials.

    While this type of Draft Work is frequently associated with large breeds, many breeds, including small breeds, can, and do, participate in Carting activities. Some of them are featured in the other sites reviewed in this section.

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    eMail Discussion Lists can be extremely informative, educational and fun! They are an excellent way for people with similar interests to communicate. Jan Cooper and Susan Jenulis are the list owners of the Carting-L eMail List. For a brief introduction to the list, visit the Warricks Carting-L page and to contact the list owners or join the list, visit the Carting-L homepage @ Yahoo! Groups.

    NOTE: eMail Lists can generate a good deal of incoming mail. 'Digest' options are available, in Yahoo! Groups, which allow you to have a set number of posts collected and delivered in one email. Furthermore, all lists have their own policies and rules. While they are usually similar, they can, and frequently do, vary from list to list. When you subscribe to an eMail Discussion List, you will most likely receive a document containing the list's policies, rules and basic commands. Make sure you read and save it for future reference.

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    There are some very informative and helpful Introductions to Carting available on the web. The first, reviewed in this section, is a presentation which was developed by Sharyl Mayhew, with assistance from Ellyn Signet and photos by Dori Likevich. This introduction provides a concise, but inclusive step by step guide to getting started.

    Sharyl explains that her life has literally "Gone to the Dogs", (Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and her "FruFru" dogs, that is), so the only time she has a chance to play on the computer is in the middle of the night. But, she is planning to expand the introduction section, as time allows. Sharyl's 'other page' contains alot of helpful and entertaining information related to GSMDs; clubs; canine health; "Questions to ask GSMD Breeders" (before you buy); and photo narratives of charitable and other dog events.

    Wayne Buddick's Introduction to Carting provides complementary information including the benefits of training your dog for draft work, a glossary of training commands, and equipment information. Wayne has also created a Carting Question & Answer page where you can submit questions, which will be posted with answers, at the site. Wayne's canine family includes Rottweilers, Augie, and Travis, and Higgins, the Schipperke who thinks he's a Rottie.

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    With the activity gaining in popularity, more Carters have begun forming dedicated Carting groups such as The Midland Bernese Carters in Leicestershire (UK). Additionally, several breed clubs, such as the Great Pyrenees Club of California promote and support Carting by their membership. Beside training together, these groups are frequently involved in other community events, including Carting exhibitions for charity and parades. However, their primary goal is to keep Carting alive in their breeds. For beginners, they are a valuable resource and provide the opportunity for novices to learn from experienced 'veterans'. And, for all members, they provide an opportunity to get together, have fun, and socialize with their families and dogs.

    A sampling of clubs either exclusively dedicated to carting, or with active Carting components:
  • American Working Collie Assocation - Versatility Titles Program includes Carting as well as other forms of Draft Work;
  • Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America offers draft titles to several similar breeds with rig types including: cart, wagon, sled, toboggan or travois;
  • Southern California Bouvier de Flandres Club holds events such as the "Halloween Hitch 'em up!" All-Breed Carting Competition. And, read about member, Georgia Edwards' Bouvs Gandolph and Oscy (rescue Bouv) carting prowess in "The Contemporary Urban Working Bouvier"
  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America - Draft Page;
  • The Newfoundland Club of America's Working Program and Carting photos at the Newfoundland Club of Seattle's Draft Work Page;
  • Saint Bernard Club of America Working Dog Cte - Draft Work;
  • Bay Area Siberian Husky Club

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    There are many breeds active in carting. For a look at them 'at work', please visit the following photo galleries:
    Dan Brodigan of Anchorage, Alaska has created a gallery of carting photos of his Bernese Mountain Dog, "Dundee";
  • Historical Carting Photos at Jan Cooper's Rott-n-Chatter website;
  • Photos at the Midland (UK) website;
  • Rottweiler's pulling 2 wheeled carts and 4 wheeled wagons at Wayne A. Budwick's Carting Page;
  • The Carting White Star Samoyeds;
  • 1996 and 1997 Swiss Fair Photos featuring Sharyl Mayhew's and other Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

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    Stephen Lee and his team at Grand LakeQuark
    Left to Right: Stephen & Team, Grand Lake, Colorado (1996) and Don & Judy Strom's "Quark" Skijoring. Special thanks to Stephen R. Lee for use of the wonderful mushing photos at the DogInfomat. Also, thanks again, to Don & Judy Strom for the great photos they donated for use at the site. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    FAQs, Articles, Stories and Publications Online
    Clubs, Associations and Organizations Online
    Races & Events
    Sled Dog/Mushing Sites

    Photos & Art
    Adventures & Tours
    Books of Interest to Children & Youth

    Sled Dog breeds LOVE to run. Sledding and Sled Racing gives them an opportunity to do just that. Driver and team develop a close, dependent relationship and wise mushers are conscientious about the nutrition, veterinary care, psychology, physical conditioning, housing and transportation of their dogs. While there may, of course be exceptions, these competitors Stephen Lee & Team know that failure to meet the dog's needs is counter to their goals and this, as well as the driver - dog bond, are the primary reasons mushers must consider the welfare of the dogs to be of paramount importance. Recreational Sledding is also an activity which has gained significantly in popularity over the last decade.

    Photo at right: Stephen Lee & his team at Granby, CO (1996) just before the finish line. This was Nikki's (the red girl) last race.

    Dianne L. Marshall, author of the Skijoring: How to get started website, defines Skijoring as " . . . cross country skiing with one to three dogs tied to your waist. You wear a wide belt around your waist or hips and connect to the harness on your dog or dogs with a 3 to 4 meter long line that has a bungee cord built in to absorb the jerking. You ski, skating works best, while the dogs run along in front pulling on the line. If you don't have snow, it is a great way to go running with the safety of your dog accompanying you. You both get great exercise, have fun, and develop a strong bond." While I have not done it myself, in speaking with several folks who have, her definition is right on.

    Because there didn't seem to be one, consummate sled dog page, I have decided to compile a selection of links by topic.

    Reviewed in this section:     Back    To Hard Workin' Dog Index

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    FAQs, Articles, Stories and Publications Online
  • Sleddog.Com - Portal
  • Sleddog Central - Portal

  • Sled Dog FAQ: Margaret Bonham
  • Sleddog-L mail list information page: Steven R. Lee
  • Introduction to Sled Dog Racing: ISDRA
  • History of Sled Dog Racing: ISDRA
  • Tips for Spectators: ISDRA
  • Build Your Own Stuff: @ Stephen R. Lee's site
  • Sleddog Care Guidelines: PRIDE
         - Position Statement On Canine Fatalities During Competition
  • "My Introduction to Killer Whale Training -- or -- What is this doing in the ASPA Newsletter?" Positive Reinforcement, that's what! by Ken Severin. More articles by Ken on Skijoring are available here
  • Dogsledder's Recommended Reading List: Mushing Magazine
  • IFSS Gazette
  • Mushing Magazine: Stellar Communications, Inc.
    - Lots of articles and stories from current and past issues, events info,
    directory of clubs, bibliography, and more
    The Tugline Star Sleddog Club

  • Skijor.Org - Portal
  • Skijorama.Com - Portal

  • The Skijoring Page @ Sleddog Central
  • Getting Started - NASSPA
  • Skijoring: XC Skiing with a Privileged Dog, John G. Faughnan

  • Stories
         - "Norman Vaughan: Born to Run with the Dogs" by W. Bradford Swift
         - and the news story "Explorer, 94, plans last great trip" by Hugh Davies @ smh.com.au
         - "Nome Serum Run: The Race Against Death": @ the Dog Yard
         - Edgar Kallands (brief bio) and "Edgar Kallands' Serum Run" (reprint from Dec/Jan '89 Mushing Magazine)

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    Clubs, Associations and Organizations Online
  • Sled Dog Clubs & Organizations Page: Mushing Magazine
  • SleddogCentral's Clubs & Organizations Page
  • ABSA: Affiliated British Sleddog Activities (N/A 1/22/2002)
  • ADMA: Alaskan Dog Mushers Association
         - Welcome, Trail Tips, Race Rules, Events Information & Results, and more
  • AMAL: Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
  • ASDRA: Alaskan Sled Dog and Racing Association
  • New Zealand Mushing Resources Page NZ
  • British Mushers Association (N/A 4/2001)
         - Trail UK eZine (N/A 4/2001)
         - Sleddog Chat Page (N/A 4/2001)
  • British Siberian Husky Racing Association
  • Affiliated British Sleddog Activities
  • Down East Sled Dog Club Brighton, Maine, USA
  • Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers
  • DSSV: Deutschen SchlittenhundeSport Verband e.V. German Sleddog Sports Federation
  • IFSS - International Federation of Sleddog Sports
  • ISDI (Inuit Sled Dog International)
  • ISDRA - International Sled Dog Racing Association
  • South Island Sled Dog Sports Association NZ
  • Nome Kennel Club AK, USA
  • Northern Alberta Mushing Association
  • Norsk Polarhundklubb: Norway
  • NSSDC - North Star Sled Dog Club
  • Organization for the Working Samoyed
  • Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club
  • PRIDE - Providing Responsible Information on a Dog's Environment
  • Siberian Express Sled Dog Team: AU
  • Siberian Husky Rescue Page
  • Sleddog Rescue of Tennessee     - Info including Sibe vs Mal section, etc.

  • Alaska Skijor & Pulk Association
  • Midwest Skijorers
  • North American Skijoring and Ski Pulk Association
  • Northern Lights Skijor Club (N/A 1/22/2002)
  • Snow Motion Winter Dog Sports Assocation Manitoba

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    Races & Events
    Several of theses sites also have results pages, photo galleries, and audio/video available.

  • Sled Dog Race Results from Around the World: British Mushers Association * * *
  • Clubs & Events Info - Mushing Magazine
  • Event Sites Links & Race Schedule @ SleddogCentral.Com

  • ADMA 2001/2002 Race Schedule: Fairbanks, AL, USA
  • John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Homepage: Duluth, MN
  • BHSRA British Husky Racing Calendar
  • Can-Am Crown 25: Fort Kent, Maine
  • The Official Iditarod Site: Anchorage, AK * * *
  • IFSS World Cup & World Championships information
  • International Pedigree® Stage Stop Sled Dog Race
  • Madeline Island Sled Dog Race: Wisconsin, USA
  • The Marmora Cup: Canada
  • Mushers' Bowl
  • North American/IFSS Junior World Championship information
  • Pirena Sled Dog Race: Spanish Pyrenees * * *
  • Race to the Sky: Montana, USA
  • UK Sled Dog Racing & Husky Dog Events Results: MIKROTIME Sport Systems
  • UP200 - Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association: Marquette, MI
  • Waiorau 50 AU (under reconstruction 4/2001)
  • Yukon Quest: Fairbanks, AK * * *
  • Great Sledge Journey III (1998) * * * Ono Fleischer, Mathias Ingemann, and Karo Thomsen

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    Sled Dog/Mushing Sites
  • Homepage of Stephen R. Lee * * * Lots of good stuff here and some GREAT action photos!!
         - Junior Mushing Page
  • The Dutch Sleddog Pages: Karim Schmidt
  • New Zealand Mushing Resource Online
  • Mushing Internet: Spain

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    Photos & Art
  • ADMA Photo Galleries
  • CSDC Snapshots @ the Malamovers Page: AU
  • IFSS: Photo Gallery
  • IRMSSSDR Race Photos
  • Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club Images of the Season Gallery
  • Siberian Express Sled Dog Team Photo Gallery
  • SleddogCentral's Photo Gallery
  • Nome Kennel Club's Gallery
  • UP200 Picture Page 1 and Page 2 Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association
  • UK Sibe Gallery: British Mushers Association Website

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    Adventures & Tours
    This section is provided purely to guide you to information available regarding sled dog adventures. No warranty of quality is expressed or implied by the inclusion of these sites.

  • "DogSledRides.Com Regionally categories for the US & Canada
  • SleddogCentral.Com's Rides & Tours Page
  • Mushing Magazines Directory of Sled Dog Adventures
  • Alaskan Sled Dog Rides

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    Books of Interest to Children & Youth
    Black Star, Bright Dawn Ages 10+
    by Scott O'Dell
    Published by Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv)
    Publication date: April 1,1988, ISBN: 0395477786

    The Bravest Dog Ever : The True Story of Balto Ages 4 - 7
    by Natalie Standiford, Cook Donald (Illustrator)
    Published by Demco Media
    Publication date: October 1989, ISBN: 0606085009

    Danger : The Dog Yard Cat (Last Wilderness Adventure)
    by Shelley Gill, Libby Riddles, Shannon Cartwright (Illustrator)
    Published by Paws IV Pub
    Publication date: 1993, ISBN: 0934007098

    Dashing Through the Snow : The Story of the Jr. Ididarod Ages 8+
    by Sherry Shahan
    Published by Millbrook Pr
    Publication date: February 1,1997, ISBN: 0761302085

    Dogsong Newbery Award Winner Ages 10+
    by Gary Paulsen
    Published by Aladdin Paperbacks
    Publication date: October 1,1995, ISBN: 0689804091

    Foxy's Tale: The True Story of a Champion Alaskan Sled Dog Ages 8+
    by Ed White, Donna Freedman, Charles Lindemuth (Illustrator)
    Published by Whitehouse Pub
    Publication date: April 1995, ISBN: 0964417103

    Iditarod Dream : Dusty and His Sled Dogs Compete in Alaska's Jr. Iditarod Ages 8 - 14
    by Ted Wood
    Published by Walker & Co
    Publication date: March 1,1996, ISBN: 0802784062

    Kävik: The Wolf Dog
    by Walt Morey, Peter Parnall (Illustrator)
    Published by Dutton Childrens Books
    Publication date: January 1,1997, ISBN: 0525330933

    Mush! : Across Alaska in the World's Longest Sled-Dog Race Ages 4 - 8
    by Patricia Seibert, Jan Davey Ellis (Illustrator)
    Published by Millbrook Pr
    Publication date: October 1,1992, ISBN: 1562940538

    Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northerns:
    Reflections on Being Raised by a Pack of Sled Dogs
    Ages 10+
    by Gary Paulsen
    Published by Harcourt Brace
    Publication date: October 1996, ISBN: 0152928812

    Racing Sled Dogs Ages 10+
    by Michael Cooper
    Published by Clarion Books
    Publication date: October 1,1988, ISBN: 0899194990

    A Sled Dog for Moshi
    by Jeanne Bushey, Germaine Arnaktauyok (Illustrator), Jeanne Bushley
    Published by Hyperion
    Publication date: October 1994, ISBN: 156282631X

    Stone Fox - New York Times Outstanding Children's Book. Ages 8+
    by John Reynolds Gardiner
    Published by Ty Crowell Co
    Publication date: April 1,1980, ISBN: 0690039832

    To See The Moon Ages 4+
    by Ethel Bacon, David Ray (Illustrator)
    Published by Bridgewater Books
    Publication date: October 1,1996, ISBN: 081673822X

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    Clubs & Associations
    Photo Galleries

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    Weight Pull Training Parts I & II by Mark Landers

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    Alaska K9 Weight Pull Association (N/A 1/22/2002)

    International Weight Pull Association

    Saint Bernard Club of Alaska presents the World Championship Dog Weight Pull

    Samoyed Club of America Weight Pull Rules & Main Website

    Back    To the Weight Pulling Index


    Alaskan K9 Weight Pulling Association's Gallery (N/A 1/22/2002)

    Lake Shore Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club's Weight Pull photos

    Tonka & Barbie's Weight Pull Galleries (this site also features carting, sledding photos and more.

    Back    To the Weight Pulling Index


    Weight-Pull-L is a Yahoo! Groups email list open to those active in or interested in the sport of competitive weight pulling with their dogs

    Back    To the Carting Index    To the Weight Pulling Index

    EVENTS: The following calendars and websites contain event information for Draft Events:

    Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America Calendar of Events - Drafting;
    Canadian Kennel Club Interactive Events Calendar;
    Midland & Pennine (UK) Carting Calendar;
    Newfoundland Club of America, Calendar of Events;
    World Championships Website

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    Hollicove's Lady Heart CGC, HIC "Ladybug" is working a flock of sheep in the foothills of northern California. Special thanks to Ladybug's owner, Cathy Toft, for use of the photo of Ladybug.

    Reviewed in this section:
    Livestock Guardian Dog Assn of LGD-L website
    Flock & Family Guardian Network
    The American Herding Breed Association
    American Working Collie Association

    Herding on the Web
    DogPatch Herding Page
    Working Stockdog Server
    Event Calendars

    Verified: January 22, 2002
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    3 stars
    Brought to the web by the folks at the Livestock Guardian Dog Association of LGD-L, the Livestock Guarding Dog website, by Julie Adams, hosts a wealth of information including: breed specific information, photos, information and FAQs for buyers considering an LGD, training information, a health care FAQ, a reference library, original articles and stories, and links.

    Special thanks to Julie Adams for use of the photo, at right. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
    Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    A 'new kid' on the block, the Flock & Family Guardian Network website is still underdevelopment. However, there is a good deal of information available including News, Events & Features; FlockGuard eMail list information; FlockGuard Live Chat; the FlockGuard Rescue Net; Individual Flock Guardian Breed Sections; Health; Training; Care and Links.

    Verified: Thursday, January 22, 2002      
    Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    The American Herding Breed Association was "founded in 1986 in response to the increasing interest in herding activities by owners of a wide variety of breeds". The organizations focus is on practical herding work, with an interest in all aspect of herding and herding breeds (including all dogs with herding abilities - purebred, rare breeds and mixes), and the investigation of canine behaviors which relate to herding ability. The site includes a good deal of information related to the organization's activities, events, and a list of "accepted breeds".

    4 stars
    Verified: January 22, 2002      
    Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    Sunny The American Working Collie Association "is dedicated to promoting the working ability of the Collie". The site contents include organization information, including an electronic membership directory; information about the organization's "Versatility Program" - a program to recognize the competence of proven participants as versatile, working Collies; a gallery of Collies with Versatility titles and "Collies at Work"; the lastest news; and more.

    While Collies are most well known for their inherent stock work/herding talents, as the site and program indicate, Collies are a versatile breed who have proven themselves capable in a wide variety of disciplines, including activities such as: Obedience, Scent Work, Protection, Draft Work, Assistance Work, Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Conformation, Drill Team, Square Dancing, Free Style Dance, and more.

    Sheraime Bar-Jac Heat Wave (Sunny), HIC, BPDX. (HIC=herding instinct certificate, Collie Club of America, BPDX= Back Packing Dog Excellent, American Working Collie Association. Special thanks to Sunny's owner, Sue Hoard, and to Cathy Toft for facilitation, of use of the photo of Sunny at the DogInfomat.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
    Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    Linda Rorem's Herding on the Web site is a good starting point for those interested in learning more about herding. Highlights include the Herding Organizations and Programs article which provides info about North American herding organizations and programs as well as information about organizations and events in other countries; the Resource List which contains book, magazine and video information, internet based resources and a short suppliers listing; and, the World of Herding Dogs section which contains direct links to information for many herding breeds. The original article Getting Started in Herding will help you do just that, with links to additional resources & information. And, an especially unique site feature, which is both educational and entertaining, is the Stockdog Stories - Accounts of working dogs, yesterday and today section where you will find several very interesting articles/stories by a variety of authors.

    Verified: January 22, 2002       Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    At Mary Jo Sminkey's Herding Page you'll find information on reference resources, stockdog clubs and organizations, FAQs, and a link to a herding book online.

    Hollicove's Lady Heart CGC, HIC "Ladybug" is working a flock of sheep in the foothills of northern California. Special thanks go, again, to Cathy Toft for use of the photo of Ladybug at the DogInfomat. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    Verified: Thursday, January 22, 2002
    Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    Currently being remodeled. But, the "What's New" page indicates the last update occurred on 01/24/01 and there were several broken links and the site was difficult to navigate. I will review the site again in six months to determine progress.
    Ian Caldicott's Working Stockdog Server, is now being provided as a service of Wolston Kennels. This site includes features such topics as: Breeds (27 listed at the time of my last visit), Trials & Clinics (scheduling info and more by location), Courses (descriptions & info), the Library (an extensive listing of books, magazines, videos, etc.), Training (helpful ORIGINAL articles), Genetics, Organizations (by location or type w/contact information), photos, merchandise, and more.

    Back    To the H,F&SG Index

    Also see the following calendars for Herding event information:
  • AKC Interactive Events Calendar Herding Tests & Trials;
  • Canadian Kennel Club Interactive Events Calendar;
  • Trials Diary at Working Sheepdog News
  • 1998 Welsh National Sheep Dog Trials - Information & Results

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    Reviewed in this section:
    Bird Dog News
    Jeff’s Pointing Dogs Page
    National Gundog Association (UK)
    North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assn
    Pointing Breed Sports in the Field
    Sporting Dogs

    Sportsman's Web
    Versatile Dogs
    Working Retriever Central
    Inheritance Study
    Event Calendars

    Curlee Verified: January 22, 2002       Back    To the Hunting & Trials Index

    Dennis Guldan's Bird Dog News is " . . . a bimonthly magazine, written by bird hunters about bird hunting and bird dogs". The publication includes news relative to upland and waterfowl hunting. Features include the national calender of events for field trial and hunt tests. They publish bird counts and seasons from all 50 states and Canada. The online version features MANY sample Articles; links to breed specific information; the State News Page (a sample of the type of state "count" type info available in the publication); the Hunting Grounds Page; links to State Wildlife Pages; a National Calendar of Events ; the Season's Page (hunting seasons by type/date with states); the Clubs Page; and more. NOTE: Some sections of this publication were not current when I last visited. However, there is information available that makes this a site worth visiting.

    Special thanks to Pamela O. Kadlec for use of National Open Champion HR King's Curlee Gurlee's (Boykin Spaniel) photo. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    Verified: Friday, January 25, 2002      
    Back    To the Hunting & Trials Index

    Braque D'Auvergne Jeff’s Pointing Dogs Page is dedicated to his hunting buddies: Sunny, Indigo and JouJou. They are rare European pointing dogs not common to the United States, and are beautiful animals as well as masterful hunters. Sunny is a Large Munsterlander Pointer, a breed which originates in Northwest Germany. Indigo and JouJou are Braque D’Auvergne Pointers, which originate in South Central France. Their favorite game is pheasant, quail, and partridge. Also, visit the many photo and picture galleries, especially the Breeds section, to see photos and artwork containing many breeds, including many of the rarer breeds. Good Stuff!!

    Special thanks to Jeff Bradach for the use of pointing dog photos, and additional assistance, to the DogInfomat. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    Verified: Sunday, June 10, 2001      
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    The National Gundog Association is an organization in the UK whose objectives are to hold Gundog Shows for those breeds in the Gundog Group; to encourage and promote discussion groups in matters concerning Gundogs common to all Clubs and Societies; and, to locate the Associations activities in various parts of the Country subject to the availability and viability of venues. At their website, you can learn more about the organization and it's history; member clubs;

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a ". . . nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering, improving, promoting, and protecting the versatile hunting dog in North America. German Shorthair Underlying these aims is the desire to serve the interests of game conservation, prevention of cruelty to animals, and the gun dog hunter by helping him train his dog to work before and after the shot, on land and in water". At the present time, NAVHDA recognizes and maintains studbooks for the following breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer, German Longhaired Pointer, German Wirehaired Pointer, Weimaraner, Vizsla, Wirehaired Vizsla, Small Munsterlander, Large Munsterlander, Brittany, Pudelpointer, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, and a few miscellaneous breeds. For more detailed information about the organization, visit the Introduction to NAVDA located at the website.

    Website features include: membership, dog registration and services information; a calendar of events; a list of local chapters and contacts; featured articles from the NAVDA publication, "Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine"; and more. One local chapter, the Missouri Upland Chapter of NAVHDA also maintains a very nice website with features including organization information, electronic newsletters, and links to other sites of interest.

    N/A: January 22, 2002      
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    Pointing Breed Sports in the Field, sponsored by Attwater Publishing, is dedicated to Sports in the Field with the AKC Pointing Breed Dog: the Brittany, Pointer, German Shorthaired Pointer, German Wirehaired Pointer, English Setter, Gordon Setter, Irish Setter, Vizsla, Weimaraner, and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. The site will be undergoing a massive redesign during September and will be adding several new features and articles for October. Currently, site features include several articles related to training and competition, information about seminars and publications, and a library of past articles that are available for reprinting in club newsletters.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    A relatively new site at www.hunting.net, Sporting Dogs, is still a "pup" and, currently, only covers Retrievers, but there are plans to include information on all sporting dogs "soon".

    The commercial site currently covers basic information related to Retrievers including Characteristics and History; Selection, Nutrition and Care, Training and More; as well as, advertisements for vendors of supplies and training related materials and services.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    Sportsman's Web is a commercial web hosting services provider whose site is dedicated to the hunting and fishing industries. Hunting dog enthusiasts (and/or hunters) will find a good deal of vendor information here including Lodges & Resorts; Guides; Publications including Spaniels in the Field published by Arthur T. Rodger and Stover Publications - Publishers of Gun Dog, Wildfowl, and Wing & Shot; Gear; Art; Trainers & Supplies; and more.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    Versatile Dogs is a website for those looking for information and resources related to pointing dogs, retrievers, spaniels and setters. While this is a commercial site, it contains sufficient information to warrant inclusion. Highlights include messages boards, feature articles, polls, photos, links and more. I found the Ask the Experts section, especially, interesting with separate sections covering training and health. Ask the Trainer You will also find the Training Diaries there, which at the time of my visit, contained numerous entries covering the training of Rosie, a Golden Retriever.

    NOTE: The two sites above are commerical sites and do include kennel/breeder advertisements. Please remember, that without thorough and thoughtful personal education and research regarding the best breed and breeder for you, it is much more likely your dog ownership experience will be filled with frustration, disappointment and pain. This is especially true of high energy, strong-willed, large, intelligent dogs. The inclusion of this site at the DogInfomat is meant in no way to serve as an endorsement or recommendation of any breeders who may be listed at the site. Please visit the "Library" for more information related to breed and breeder selection.

    Verified: Thursday, January 22, 2002      
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    Working Retriever Central is an EXCELLENT resource, created & hosted by STAR-South. Megan Pistol The redesigned website is still a hub of information for all retriever enthusiasts. Heralding itself as the " . . . internet starting point for retriever enthusiasts having interests ranging from hunting upland birds and waterfowl to retriever breeds club working certificates, club picnic trials, retriever hunt tests and retriever field trials".

    While the Library of original and linked information is somewhat limited in content, it does include a helpful Glossary of terms. The Events Calendar and "News Room" are kept current and the Photo Gallery will keep you busy for hours. Onsite forums as well as information about external forums of interest to enthusiasts is also available at the site. A searchable database of over 400 Clubs is also available.
    Special thanks to WRC and David J. Wallace for use of the photos of Megan & Pistol at the DogInfomat. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    NOTE: If you have previously visited this section of the DogInfomat you may notice that this site is no longer rated. While an excellent site overall, it is the policy of the DogInfomat not to apply star ratings to sites advertising puppies or dogs, kennels, or other dog-related products and/or services.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    Information related to the project of researchers M.Sc.Agric. Leena Karjalainen, researcher, Finnish Spitz and M.Sc.Agric. Anna-Elisa Liinamo, research assistant, Finnish Hound, co-financed by the Finnish Kennel Club, using data obtained the breed clubs of Finnish Hounds and Finnish Spitzes, the "Inheritance of measures of hunting performance and their use in the breeding of two Finnish dog breeds" (the Finnish Hound & the Finnish Spitz) is available online. Objectives of the project provided at the site include: to study the population structure of both breeds; to study the influence of environment on measures of hunting performance; to estimate the genetic parameters of measures of hunting performance; and, to estimate the breeding values for dogs with respect of the most important hunting traits. The project began in April 1993 and was officially finished in April 1995. However, the site indicates that the publication of results still continues.

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    Also see:
    The AKC Interactive Events Calendar for Field Trials and Hunt Tests for Pointers, Retrievers and Spaniels;
    and the Canadian Kennel Club Interactive Events Calendar

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    Reviewed in this section:    
    Lure Coursing Q & A Page
    American Sighthound Field Assn
    Mid-Atlantic Hound Assn
    St. Louis Area Sighthound Assn

    Lure Coursing in Belgium
    Additional Sites
    Events Calendars

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    From Bonnie Dalzell's Lure Coursing FAQ (this link works), "Lure Coursing is a humane sport which attempts to imitate the coursing of the rabbit or hare by sighthounds but without the hare. The sighthounds chase an artificial lure, usually a white kitchen garbage bag, sometimes tanned rabbit skins, or fake fur strips." Visit Bonnie's Lure Coursing page (this link N/A 1/22/2002) for more information. Also seethe ASFA Lure Coursing Clubs and Links list to find a lure coursing club near you and links to additional Lure Coursing sites.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
    Back    To the Lure Coursing Index

    The American Sighthound Field Association is " . . . an organization of Sighthound fanciers dedicated to the common goal of preserving and further developing the natural beauty, grace, speed and coursing skill of the Sighthound". Read the FAQ for more information about the organization and their activities.

    Also at their website,they provide interesting and useful information to veterans and novice coursing people, as well as those just interested in learning more about lure coursing. The Eligible Breeds section contains links to photos of 11 breeds of dogs eligible to run in ASFA events with links to the AKC breed standards. An online Rule Book provides event regulation information and a schedule of ASFA Trials and Matches is available, as are Trial Results. In the Links section, you will also find an extensive list of Clubs with contact information.

    DL's Mollybabe (greyhound), Beltara's Great Escape (Pharaoh Hound) and Khalala's Dancer in the Haze (Rhodesian Ridgeback) wait alertly to thunder over the grass for Best in Field on March 22, 1997.

    Thanks to SLASH - The St. Louis Area Sighthounds and Dan Gauss of Shot-On-Site Photography for use of this photo. This photo is the property of SLASH and Shot-On-Site Photography. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    3 stars
    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    The Mid-Atlantic Hound Association (MAHA) website features a very informative section on lure coursing which includes: "Getting Started", "Tools of the Trade", "Tricks of the Trade", "People Involved", "Common Scenario", "Puppies Coursing", "Who to contact for more information", Images and links to other information on the web.

    Finn Verified: January 22, 2002
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    The St. Louis Area Sighthound Association (SLASH), a club dedicated to the sport of lure coursing, is now online. The site includes event information, coursing tips and scoring info, photos, an article by Mike Hayden, D.V.M. on foot care and links to other sighthound sources.

    Stoneybrook Finn's Mischief, LCM, stretches his Irish wolfhound muscles as he chases the plastic bags at a recent trial. Thanks to Karen, Finn and Dan Gauss of Shot-On-Site Photography, for use of the photograph. This photo is the property of Karen and Shot-On-Site Photography. Please remember, all photos and other graphic elements at the DI remain the property of their owners and usage is prohibited (and, rude), without prior authorization.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    Visit Renko's Lure Coursing/Racing in Belgium

    for descriptions and information about the sports in that country.

    Verified: January 22, 2002      
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    For many more links to Lure Coursing & Racing related websites, visit the Afghan Hound Racing and Lure Coursing.

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    The AKC Interactive Calendar Lure Coursing Tests and Trials.

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