Hard Workin' Dogs
Some of the activities covered in this section are truly 'jobs' - in every sense of the word. Others are competitions and tests which are based in function and/or instinct.

It has been my experience that people who regularly 'work' with their dogs, are usually quite knowledgeable and conscientious about their dogs, including health and temperament. This may be born, at least, in part, out of necessity. But, I have also observed that these folks frequently have very special relationships with their dog(s). If you know of a Hard Workin' 'hero', you might want to nominate him/her for the Pedigree Hometown Hero Award.
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    Draft Work: Carting, Sledding & Skijoring and Weight Pulling


    Hunting, Hunt Tests & Field Trials

    Lure Coursing & Racing

    Police, Military & Detection K9s

    Ringsport(s) & Schutzhund

    Search & Rescue (SAR), Tracking & Water Work

    Service & Therapy

    Misc & Multi-Discipline
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