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    It is impossible for me to review every dog related email list, group, or chat channel. However, it has been my personal experience that lists and groups often have very knowledgeable and experienced members who can be helpful and supportive. Of course, as with any internet resource, referencing a variety of credible sources, to allow you to properly weight and verify the information, is prudent and recommended. Further, no internet resource should be used as a replacement for direct, professional, health care services.

    Numerous dog-related email lists (or 'groups') are available at the following sites:
  • Yahoo! Groups;
  • SmartGroups;
  • AOL Groups;
  • MSN Groups (was Communities);
  • Lycos Clubs
  • Webrings.com (was RingWorld, was Webrings.org, was Yahoo!Webrings)
    It's hard to find a page without a webring banner these days. While webrings provide a convenient way to visit several related sites, some rings have little or no requirements for inclusion. Therefore, do not be surprised by some 'surprises' you might encounter when visiting sites through large 'free for all' link index or webring.

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    These are links to sites for groupings of canines with common traits, purpose, origins, classifications, etc. Additional sites for groups with specific similiar interests (i.e., working, competitive or social) such as obedience, agility, conformation, field trials, flyball, search & rescue, mushing, service, and much more, can be found in the Activities & Sports and Hard Workin' Dogs sections of this site. Groups and organizations defined by location, or location served, are included in the Clubs & Registries section.

    Flock & Family Guardian Network
    includes Flockguard eMail List info & FlockGuard RescueNet
    International Sheep Dog Society
    International Herder's Home Page
    of HERDER-L

    Janene McCrillis
    Livestock Guardian Dog
    Association of LGD-L

    LGD-L and the Livestock Guardian Dog Association
    Old Time Farm
    Shepherd Website

    Elaine Reynolds
    Belgian Shepherd Dogs
    Kent and Darcie Krueger
    Collies: Back to the Future
    w/FARMCOLLIE eMail List Info

    Gina Bisco
    (Hungarian Shepherd Dog Assoc
    (Eng Version n/a 3/2006)

    Komondor, Kuvasz,
    Mudi, Puli and Pumi (Finland)
    NOSES-L eMail List 20/20 Hound Sight eZine (n/a 3/2006)
    American Sighthound Field Association Der Deutsche Club für Nordische Hunde e.V.
    with a great links page
    esp. to European Associations
    Mid-Atlantic Hound Association
    Sight & Scent Hounds
    Sleddog & Skijoring
    The Senior Dogs Project DogLogic:
    Lyn Richards
    Info tailored to Large Breeds
    SMLDOG-L Homepage
    Charlie Orchard
    El Fascinante Mundo Canino
    (The Wonderful Canine World)
    Dr. Angel J. Camacho
    Some English
    Finnish Spitz Club
    Multilingual w/English Available
    Finnish Toy Dog Association
    English Available
    Ireland's Native Breeds
    @ the Irish Kennel Club
    Russian Dogs
    at Rusnet America (n/a 3/2006)
    Swiss Canine Breeds
    Marc Nussbaumer
    In English
    Viking Pets & Domesticated Animals
    Gunnora Hallakarva, the Viking Answer Lady
    The Danish Basset Club French Bassets
    (esp. Basset Bleu de Gascogne)
    Yoland Grosjean
    Switzerland (in English)
    The Bichon Family
    Frisé, Bolognese, Havanese, and Maltese
    (Germany/Eng Avail)
    Kaare Konradsen
    Austrian Setter Club
    British Pointing Dogs Page (Setters)
    (Swedish & English)
    Die Setter (German & English)
    Rainer L. Gammel
    Spaniel Klubben Danmark The German Jagdspaniel-Klub e.V.
    English Available
    Norsk Spaniel Klub font face="andale sans" size="2">Spaniels in the Field Resources Page
    American Working Terrier Association
    Numerous Terrier Breeds
    British Columbia All Terrier Club
    Numerous Terrier Breeds
    Extensive Links Section
    National Terrier Club UK Swedish Terrier Club
    (in Swedish)
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