These sites either provide broad coverage of dog related topics or facilitate access to such information.

Whether you are thinking about getting a dog or are an experienced dog owner, I hope you will find these sites interesting, educational, and helpful. When considering adding a dog to your life, the more you learn before making the commitment, the more likely your dog ownership experience will be positive and successful.

In Memory of a Dear Friend - Echo Although, some of these sites may include breeder or kennel ads, the DogInfomat does not endorse or recommend using the internet as a resource to find a breeder, puppies, stud services, etc. Adoption through Rescues, Humane Societies & Shelters are exceptions to this tenet. PLEASE read "Before You Get a Dog" and visit the Library for additional helpful information.

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    Discovery Channel Dogs
    Dog Owners' Guide
    The DogPatch
    eMail Lists, Groups, Forums
    Pet Place
    The Poop
    W & S Guide to Dog Breeds

    Acme Pet
    rec.pets.dogs.* FAQs Homepage

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    USDA - APHIS Web (APHIS - Animal & Plant Health Investigation Service) is the web site of the branch of the USDA responsible for, among other USDA-APHIS things, the administration of the AWA - Animal Welfare Act and the HPA - Horse Protection Act, through the Animal Care Division. The Investigation & Enforcement Services Division website is also available.

    The AWA applies to, Animal Dealers, among others. Information available at the site includes areas of responsibility such as Animal Welfare, Health, etc. Topical areas covered include Travelers' Information; Regulations; and, more. The press releases cover agency programs and activities related to plant and animal health, pest and disease exclusion, agricultural trade, animal damage control, enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, and biotechnology regulation. While some of them will not be of interest, several deal with actions related to dog wholesalers and brokers, dog related legislation, and welfare policies and issues. There is also a convenient Site Map.

    The site also hosts the central site of the Missing Pet Network. The MPN is a network of volunteers who host websites and facilitate the distribution of information related to missing and found pets, in an effort to reunite them with their owners. Every US state is covered, as is Canada, the Netherlands, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

    In the Animal Care section, you will find current issues & information related to the AWA such as Publicatio; Public Notices; Meeting Notices and Minutes; Animal Care Reports; and, more. Additionally, the Publications Page includes lists of facilities regulated by the AWA.

    The site is a subsection of the USDA Web Site which includes a Consumer: Pets section and the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine's Information & Resources Page. Additionally, the AWIC (Animal Welfare Information Center, is a related cooperative site, that provides information for improved animal care and use in research, teaching, and testing.

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    The Discovery Channel's Dog Section contains a wealth of information related to man's best friend. Sections include Ancient Origin; Intelligence; Cops & Dogs; Mad Dogs; Purebred Problems; Dogs on Discovery; Anatomy of a Worker; Archives; and, more. Also visit sister station Animal Planet's Domestic Dog section.

    Similar sites include: PBS's Nature: Extraordinary Dogs and Dogs: The Early Years, Still Life with Animated Dogs, Nova's: Wolf Dog Connection and Animal Hospital; the BBC's Wild About Dogs page (for kids), Pets Section, Animal Hospital, Vets In Practice, Emergency Vets,

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
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    The Dog Owner's Guide is the online presences of Canis Major Publications, publishers of "DOG" the bi-monthly, advertiser supported newspaper. They have, VERY wisely and responsibly, chosen NOT to accept advertising from breeders at their website because, as they state, " . . . we are not familiar with breeders outside our immediate area, and the time and cost involved in checking them out would be prohibitive, we do not accept advertising from breeders.". This excellent site hosts over 250 articles about dog ownership, indexed by topic or alphabetically. From the home page you will be able to read current news and access the information by the following topical categories:
  • Choosing the right dog - Choosing a breed, breeder, puppy & more
  • Dog owner's survival guide - There's more to responsible dog ownership than just giving food & water
  • Breed profiles - More than 50 breeds of interest, plus wolves, coyotes & even the mixed breed dog
  • Food & nutrition - What a healthy dog needs & how to provide it
  • Dogs at work and play - Obedience trials, conformation shows, agility, sled racing, dogs at work. . .
  • Health & veterinary information - Canine problems, diseases & prevention
  • Manners & training - How to have a well mannered dog, housetraining & more
  • Behavior & aggression - Canine aggression, drives and temperaments
  • Canine issues - Dogs & the law, breed specific legislation, limit laws, just what is the AKC?
  • Kids & dogs - Kids & dogs, bringing a new puppy home & more
  • Seasonal, travel & vacation - Choosing a kennel or sitter, traveling with your dog, holiday hints & more. . .
  • Rescue - Rescue: a source of older pets, why people do rescue, rescue stories
  • Miscellaneous articles - If it doesn't fit elsewhere it's here
  • Just for fun - The lighter side

  • And, if you'd like to subscribe and help support this excellent resource, follow this link to learn how.

    "DOG" has received several Dog Writer's Association of America Maxwell Awards as the Best Canine Newspaper in the US. A darn, good site!

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
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    Dog Patch
    NOTE: This site's ownership has transferred to Gordon Thomas of OnBoard Signs and does contain advertisements. However, the material originally developed by Mary Jo (1999-2001) remains available free of charge.

    Original review: Mary Jo Sminkey's absolutely FAB-ulous resource, The Doghouse, has become one of the most recognized dog-related sites on the internet. One of the 'pioneers' of dog-related internet websites, the site is continually updated and growing. This is a must see site!

    This searchable site includes several major dog related sections including:
  • Premier subsites covering Obedience, Agility, Herding, Frisbee, and more;
  • DogPatch News;
  • Links to Websites w/descriptions - both selected links to Mary Jo's favorites and a free for all page of links;
  • Canine Shows & Activities - while many canine activities are featured, extraordinary efforts have resulted in the unsurpassed Agility and Obedience sections;
  • The DogPatch Forums - a bulletin boards where you can join active 'threads' (discussions) to post questions, answers and, in general, participate in dog related discussions;
  • The Sheltie Page - one of the most comprehensive Sheltie sites on the net;
  • Miscellaneous offerings also include Mary Jo's Amazon.Com Associate Bookstore, Herding & Frisbee pages, a Poisonous Plants list with links to additional information, Mail Order Catalogs & Vendors on the Web, Doggie Humor, Homemade Doggie Treats, Trick Training, and more.
  • As this site represents a huge amount of time and energy, Mary Jo has asked all first-time visitors to first, read this introductory page.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
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    The Pet Place's stated objective is to "develop(ing) an unbiased, authoritative, user-friendly website where pet owners worldwide could go for complete, up-to-date information on all pet issues." To this end, the site provides separate "Pet Centers" for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Small Mammals, Reptiles and Fish. Each center contains subsections containing information related to Care, Health, Maintenance, Training, and More.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
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    J B Duetsch Incorporated's "The Poop" ("the site where a dog can have its day™") is a professionally designed, commercial ezine for dog enthusiasts. While the primary offerings of this beautifully designed site are articles and features covering a range of subjects including the Expert Den, Media Hound and Events; the site also features contests, member stories, the "Pantry" - recipes to cook for your dog, "PoopaScopes" - Dog Horoscopes, Family/Kids Area - games, essays, kids' art, "Celebrity Poop" - Celebrities and their dogs "Media Hounds" - Famous Pups, discussion boards, and horoscopes. Besides this educational and entertaining content, the site provides several sections dedicated to assisting dogs. A searchable rescue, shelter, and adoption database can help you find a canine companion. Groups providing rehoming services can add their organization to the database using this simple form. "A Helping Paw" provides a forum for the sharing of information concerning dogs in need and updates are posted as each situation warrants.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
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    NOTE: Per the site, last update March 2002.

    At the Walters and Shackles Guide to Dog Breeds (UK), Rosamund Walters, includes an introduction which provides historical and basic information about canines; and, features over 100 breed pages with basic facts, watercolor portraits, historical information and descriptions; as well as a cross reference index of alternative names. While targetted at a British audience, the site is interesting and informative for dog enthusiasts worldwide. The site's open page promises considerable growth in the coming months. Very conveniently arranged and efficient.

    Visited: 3/23/2006    
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    If you are looking for a specific eMail list or Forum related to dogs/pets:
    Yahoo! Groups Animals/Mammals
    Yahoo! Groups Pets
    Hoflin Publishing Dog Lists
    i-dog Message Boards & Discussion Lists
    Pets.Ca Boards
    K9Community UK
    Francis' DogHouse Discussion List Directory
    DogMania.Com Forums
    MSN Groups Pets
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Please review each group's policies before joining. Be especially cautious before sharing your email address or any other personal information. * It is impossible for me to individually review every dog related email list available. However, it has been my experience that these lists often have very knowledgeable and experienced members who are helpful and supportive. Of course, as with any information, referencing a variety of credible sources, to allow you to properly weight and verify the information, is prudent and recommended.

    AROUND THE WORLD    Major Sites outside of the U.S.
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    It is difficult for me to review the many dog related websites that are not available in English. And, I cannot include sites which I am unable to evaluate. However, I am certain I am missing some wonderful, entertaining and educational, foreign dog sites. Additionally, links to the websites of many international clubs and organizations are available via the Clubs and Registries section of the DogInfomat.

    Reviewed in this section:     Back
    Dogs Down Under
    Irish Animals

    AU Councils
    Discover Dogs in London
    MAFF - UK Quarantine Info

    DDU Logo Verified: Wednesday, May 28, 2003     To Top    Around the World Index

    Since my last visit, a chat room has been added to Denise Humphries' Dogs Down Under website. Highlights of the website are Australia's Own Breeds and the Australian Dingo sections. These sections provide visitors with information related to the several breeds that are, uniquely, Australian. Other sections available at the site include the Most Popular Breeds of Australia, Australian Dog Shows and Show Calendar, Your Dog and the Law, an external link to Australian Importation information, a schedule & access information for the Australian based "dogs" IRC channel, and a directory of links to breed specific information. The site includes commercial content.

    Verified: 3/10/2005    
    To Top    Around the World Index

    The Irish Animals features several areas of interest to pet owners. Care, Maintenance, Welfare, a Discussion Board, and Lost & Found are only a few of the site's offerings. Information is conveniently arranged by topic and region. Additionally, a "Search" option is available.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
    To Top    Around the World Index

    PetNet, a website sponsored by the Petcare Information and Advisory Service, offers a range of information and access to resources for pet lovers. Areas of interest include: the Petlover's Page featuring the pet Quiz; the "Doglover's Page" where you will find information related to health care, feeding, and training; the Dog Breeds Index with form, size and personality profiles for 100 breeds; and the Selectapet - Dog Breed Selector * . The Animal Welfare section contains links to interesting and helpful pet related pieces such as Caring for your Dog, the National People and Pets Survey, and the Lost Dogs Homesite; and, other pet related areas, including Publications, Statistics and Veterinarians, which while directly pertaining to Australia may be of interest and helpful to all.

    Verified: Saturday, June 30, 2001    
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    The major function of the Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd is the maintaining of its Register for pure bred dogs, some 25,000 of which are registered each year. The Council is also responsible for the control of canine clubs (societies/associations), affiliated for the purpose of holding Championship Shows, Parades and Trials, the publication of a monthly journal and the conduct of training schemes for aspiring judges and their subsequent elevation to approved judges panels. At the Council's website you can learn more about the organization; affiliated breed clubs and kennel and training clubs; and the dog breeds which make up the seven groups recognized by the Council. Additional features include a listing of the other canine controlling bodies in Australia, with contact information; show & trials calendar; links; a fun page; and, more. Another one of the canine controlling bodies is the Victorian Canine Association.

    Discover Dogs UK Verified: Wednesday, October 4, 2000     To Top    Around the World Index

    The 2001 show will be held on 3rd and 4th November at Earls Court 2. Site features breed information and more as well as links to both the Crufts website, the UK equivalent of Westminister10; and The Kennel Club, the UK equivalent of the AKC.

    Verified: Wednesday, October 4, 2000    
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    The Defra UK website features information about Animal Health & Welfare including Government's Pet Travel Information Page.

    * You will find some sites featuring interactive 'breed selectors'. While these websites can be fun and provide some basic breed information, please do not place undue credence upon their recommendations. Determining the breed, or mix, most appropriate for your lifestyle and desires requires a good deal more consideration, thought and research than any of these websites offer.

    JUST FOR KIDS     Sites for the young & young at heart!
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    Having five children of my own, I have a special interest in sites which allow kids to have fun while learning. The sites reviewed below, have passed rigorous testing by the DogInfomat's top-notch experts in this field, my children. Each site has been found to be fun, engaging, educational and kid-friendly.
    Reviewed in this section:     Back
    AKC for Kids
    CIA's Canine Corps
    Dogs n' Kids @ Petcare
    How To Love Your Dog

    The Kennel Club Junior Organization (UK)
    Kids & Dogs @ DogPlay
    Kids & Dogs @ DOG
    More Kids & Pets Pages

    Verified: 3/23/2006     To Top    Just for Kids Index

    Just for Kids, is the cornerstone of the AKC Public Education Department's children's education program. Materials including a video, teacher's guide, reproducible activity sheets, recommended reading list, completion certificate and wall poster are available by age group, for teachers. There are also several interactive games, including Before You Buy A Dog!; Show and Tell; True/ False Quiz; Word Search; Jumble; and, more to come. The Junior Showmanship Section features the Junior Showmanship FAQ; How to get started in Junior Showmanship; and, Regulations Judging Guidelines and Guidelines for Juniors. More Junior/Youth showing information is available in the Conformation section of this website. The AKC site also hosts the informational Safety Tips for Kids brochure. As the site is frequently expanded and updated, you may want to visit the main page to check for new items of interest to children.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
    To Top    Just for Kids Index

    The new Dogs n' Kids website, a collaborative effort of The Safety Centre of Royal Children's Hospital and the Petcare Information & Advisory Service, includes articles covering such subject areas as: the benefits of growing up with pets, responsible pet ownership, minimizing the risk of bites, health issues affecting Dogs n' Kids and more.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
    To Top    Just for Kids Index

    Visit Rick and Jan Wall's How To Love Your Dog...A Kid's Guide to Dog Care website, where Cody, Kelly and Trouper will guide you through a great site which provides pages of fun and educational content. Additionally, children can participate in the site by sharing their stories, poems, ideas, thoughts and more for online publication.

    Kelly Cody will walk you through educational and informative areas related to A New Dog, Your New Best Friend, I'll Love You Forever, What Dogs Cost, and What Dogs Need; Kelly shares with visitors What Dogs Do, Where Dogs Come From, Basic Training, Special Needs, and Too Many Dogs; and Trouper helps you with Learning Tricks, Following the Rules, Keeping Safe, Older Dogs, and Losing Your Dog. Fun sections include Your Poetry, Riddles, When I Grow Up, Your Stories, Your Dogs, the Birthday Page, Quiz Yourself, a Scavenger Hunt, a Message Board, Pen Pals and more.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
    To Top    Just for Kids Index

    The Kennel Club (UK) Junior Organization " . . . is dedicated to young people between the ages of 8 and 18 and encourages interest in the care and training of dogs and promotes all activities connected with dogs. The KCJO promotes courtesy, sportsmanship, loyalty and self-discipline and helps develop a sense of responsibility in canine activities". The KCJO organizes competitions, including events at Crufts and Discover Dogs in London, visits to shows, trials, dog training centers, local kennels and sanctuaries and many other dog activities. Additionally, there are numerous opportunities to learn more about the care and training of dogs from experts such as veterinarians and dog training instructors.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
    To Top    Just for Kids Index

    Diane Blackman is a champion for the welfare of all dogs. Anyone with any time on the net has probably visited her great website or read one of her helpful responses in the rec.pets.dogs.breeds newsgroup. Her Kids & Dogs page does not disappoint. It is frequently updated and contains helpful information, related resources, and TONS of excellent links by topic to sites that will be of interest to kids and parents.

    Verified: 3/23/2006    
    To Top    Just for Kids Index

    "Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach - Understanding dog bites: how they occur and how how to prevent them" is a reprint of an article by Vicki DeGruy, originally published in the Dog Owner's Guide and, now, available online. This winner of a 1993 Dog Writer's Association of America Maxwell award for best article in a canine newspaper is a 'must read' for parents and others interested in this topic. There is also additional information related to Kids & Dogs available at the site.

    Additional sites that will entertain the child pet lover in your family include:
  • American Veterinary Medical Association's Kid's Korner
  • Kids & Dogs' Spot @ WorkingDogWeb
  • PetClan Playground @ Pets Part of the Family

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    Slobber-Dobber I'm a two-legged mutt and some of my best friends have been four-legged mutts, including the newest addition to our family - Abby AKA "Slobber-Dobber". So, I can't imagine why I've neglected them for so long, here at the DogInfomat. I can only hope to make it up to them by highlighting them in a future 'Breed' of the Month feature. But, in the interim, I will be adding reviews of mutt-erly FANTASTIC websites dedicated to the 'Great Mutts of the World'.

    Reviewed in this section:     Back

    Mixed Breed Clubs/Registries
    Crossbreed & Mongrel Club (UK)
    Your Mixed Breed Dog @ Dog-Play
    Joy of Mutts
    Verified: 3/23/2006     To Top    Mutt-erly Fantastic Mutts Index

    American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry Per the AMBOR (American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration) website, the organization was " . . . established in 1983 with the purpose of acknowledging the efforts and achievements of mixbreed dogs and their handlers in obedience competition, to provide encouragement and support to those handlers, and to affirm accomplishments of mixbreeds in all avenues of service to Mankind". AMBOR is recognized by the United Kennel Club, Inc (UKC). While not advocating the breeding of mixes, cross-breeding of purebreds, or conformation showing of mixed breed dogs, the organization does offer competitve sporting opportunities and recognition for mixbreeds. At their website you will find Membership Information; a "What's New" section; a Photo Gallery; a Show Calendar by Event Type (includes: Obedience, Agility, Practice/Fun Matches, Musical Freestyle, Frisbee, Seminar/Workshops, CGI/TDI Tests, Herding, Temperament Tests/CGC, Field Trials, Flyball, Tracking, and All UKC Obedience and Agility Trials; Current Rankings; a Discussion Forum (N/A 3/23/2006); and, more. Additionally, there is an article on forming your own club (N/A 3/23/2006) and an online form to request information.

    The MBDCA (Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America) was founded in 1978 by Nancy Gilbert. The organization also holds competitive events for mixed breeds and purebreds, who are not eligible for other organization's events. All dogs must be made sterile prior to membership and proof is required. There is contact information for all local chapters and the National organization; a MB FAQ; Code of Ethics; and, more available at the site.

    Verified: Thursday, Wednesday, May 28, 2003    
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    The UK's Crossbreed & Mongrel Club supports rescue and dog welfare activities believing that "Corssbreeds & Mongrels: (are) Not Second Class, But First Rate". At the site you can read an Introduction to the organization as well as the organization's Aims & Rules. Additional site offerings include: CMC Dog Show information; SCAMPS (Supreme Crossbreed and Mongrel Petdog Show) the CMC's National show, information, coverage and results; Dog Rescue including the Rescue Center Map and Telephone Hotline; Agility; Video Clips; Members Dogs; the Remembrance Corner; an Events Calendar and more.

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    NOTE: These sites are only included to provide visitors with a convenient way to search for dog and/or pet related links. I have not reviewed them in depth and, in many cases, I do not agree with their decision to provide access to some of the sites they have included in their websites. Warning: Many use cookies and other methods to collect visitor information.
  • DogHobbyist.Com
  • Dog-O-Mania
  • Dogs @ About.Com
  • DMOZ: Directory Project - Dogs

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